Secure your brand’s future: 3 steps to obtain trademark protection – Zach Eyster

Are you a small business owner? Well, we’ve got some tips for you. We are diving into a topic on today’s episode of The Small Business Show, that could reshape your path to success. We’re talking about Trademarks! While it may seem like a symbol, a trademark can carry a profound significance for businesses like yours. Joining us in the studio is Zach Eyster, Trademark, IP, and Brand Management Attorney at Founders Legal, to further elaborate on how business owners can protect their trademarks. 

Founders Legal is the future of legal services, founded in Atlanta, Georgia’s blooming technology center. As a distribution firm, their team of legal professionals and attorneys provide seamless and tailored legal advice no matter the location of your business. They are dedicated to delivering clients with the highest quality of services possible. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Trademarks hold more value in business than anything else.

2. In the U.S., if your mark or brand is easily recognizable by consumers, it will be easier to attain more rights, such as common law. 

3. When it pertains to protection, businesses should:

    • Review what is already available.
    • Develop rights on your trademark.
    • Register your brand under federal law.

4. Once you register your trademark, you should contact an attorney. Despite registering a trademark by yourself is feasible, it’s complicated and timely, so an attorney could help assist the value of your brand. 

5. Only hire an attorney who specializes in trademarks. 

6. You can file an intent to use the application, which states you have yet to start using your trademark in commerce but intend to do so within three to four years. 

"If you have a mark you believe in and want to invest time and money into it, you should seek to protect it immediately with federal registration."