Matt Easton reveals strategies to defy the funk and dominate your market

It’s an election year, and with that comes a lot of uncertainty, especially regarding the economy. It is also what Matt Easton, the Founder of Easton University, calls a “perfect storm for sales professionals and managers to feel like they are in a funk. On today’s episode of The Small Business Show, Matt Easton joins us to elaborate on the four tips to “De-Funka-fye” your sales career.

Key Takeaways 

1. Matt Easton mentions that the combination of an election year and the spring season can lead to people feeling down or “bummed out” if they feel they’re not on track with their goals despite initial optimism at the beginning of the year. He shares that he personally writes down his goals every morning, including financial targets and fitness goals, to keep his mindset focused and aligned with his aspirations.

2. Easton emphasizes the concept of manufacturing wins through daily activities, regardless of external challenges or circumstances. This approach gives individuals a sense of control and achievement. He also advises being aware of one’s mindset and propensity to be in a funk, especially when facing objections or complaints. He suggests treating objections as complaints and following a process that’s not emotionally driven to handle them effectively.

3. The interview promotes the idea of seeing challenges as opportunities for growth and trying new things. Easton encourages viewers not to give up but rather explore new avenues and maintain a positive outlook for future success.

4. There’s a discussion about the interconnectedness of personal and professional life, highlighting the importance of maintaining positivity and achieving wins in both areas to avoid negative impacts bleeding into each other. He suggests that even in challenging times, individuals can create victories through daily activities,

5. Overall, Easton encourages viewers to maintain a positive outlook, handle objections and complaints effectively, try new approaches, and blend personal and professional aspects to achieve balance and success.

"Winning the day is about mindset and action. You can manufacture wins through daily activities, regardless of the challenges you face." – Matt Easton

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