Small Business ShowsThe Small Business ShowMastering the 4 personality types for entrepreneurial success – Thomas Erikson

Mastering the 4 personality types for entrepreneurial success – Thomas Erikson

Would you be surprised to discover that human behavior and personalities can be neatly categorized into four groups? Joining us on the latest episode of The Small Business Show is Thomas Erikson, Behavioral Expert, author, and Keynote Speaker. In his bestselling book, “Surrounded by Idiots,” Thomas introduces a remarkable way to decode human behavior and categorize individuals into four personality ‘colors’: red, yellow, green, and blue. 

“Surrounded by Idiots” has become a global hit, selling over 1.5 million copies worldwide. Using four personality types, it provides a straightforward yet revolutionary method for evaluating the personalities of people we interact with both within and outside the workplace. It also offers suggestions for improving the way we communicate and share information. Erikson assists entrepreneurs in developing a deeper self-awareness, sharpening their social and communication skills, gaining confidence in handling conflict, and enhancing relationships with their team and supervisor. 

Key Takeaways: 

1. The four personalities and colors are based on these fundamentals:

    • Red personalities are dominant thinkers, energetic, competitive, decisive, and goal-oriented. 
    • Yellow personalities are happy, always smiling, and optimistic. 
    • Green personalities are calm, steady, dislike change, are good listeners, and are loyal. 
    • Blue personalities are analytical, detail-oriented, and strive for quality. 

2. Entrepreneurs may compare personality types to ingredients in a cake; both require basic materials, but the results vary based on the combination of elements employed. 

3. Understanding these foundational concepts is essential for entrepreneurs leading teams since trust is the foundation of business. However, building trust requires mutual understanding and communication. 

4. The team as a whole, not just the team leader, should read and comprehend the book’s message. According to Erikson, “two ‘destination’ points should be present in a successful team.” The first is for the team leader to comprehend how others see them and how they see themselves, and the second is for the team members to follow suit. 

5. People can benefit from these personality types in their daily lives as well. Erikson also believes that while some will frequently meet fascinating people, the better course of action is to change oneself in the present rather than seeking to change others. 

“Generally, when you’re in your own head all the time, it can be difficult to understand others.” – Thomas Erikson

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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