HR evolves to meet consumer needs: Wellness programs, inclusivity at the forefront- Sheryl LaPlace | Insperity

Today on The Small Business Show, we’re exploring the future of HR as we head into 2024. Joining us is Sheryl LaPlace, the Human Resources Consultant at Insperity. LaPlace brings a wealth of knowledge from her extensive experience and insights into evolving HR trends, including technology’s impact, market changes, and cultural shifts in the workplace.

Key Takeaways 

1. LaPlace highlights HR’s ongoing evolution, particularly in response to the coronavirus pandemic and technological advancements. HR professionals are adapting to a shrinking job candidate market by retooling existing employees, upskilling, and finding new ways to recruit and retain talent.

2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) significantly impacts HR, from simplifying administrative tasks to raising ethical and legal concerns, especially in areas like recruitment and bias prevention. AI’s capabilities are changing the way HR operates, and it is essential to strike a balance between leveraging technology and maintaining fair and human-centric practices. 

3. Companies increasingly recognize the importance of investing in employee wellness programs covering physical, mental, social, emotional, and financial health. This holistic approach to employee well-being leads to higher engagement and productivity.

4. There is a focus on creating more inclusive workplaces and broadening recruitment efforts to include diverse candidates. This includes partnering with organizations that support various groups, such as veterans, people with disabilities, and minority professional organizations.

5. Beyond financial incentives, candidates today seek workplaces that align with their values and offer a supportive culture. This shift emphasizes the need for companies to articulate and live by their values, offering more than just competitive salaries to attract and retain talent.

"HR is that one spot that I feel like continues to evolve, just like we do in the workplace" – Sheryl LaPlace

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