How is this former NFL player maintains a positive mindset every single day – Merril Hoge

On today’s episode of The Small Business Show, we’re discussing the power behind having a positive mindset. Joining us is Merril Hoge, international speaker, best-selling author, and former NFL running back, to explain further. 

The last time we spoke with Hoge, we discussed how entrepreneurs can maintain motivation and a positive outlook while enduring demanding times. Since then, he has republished his book, “Find a Way: Three Words That Changed My Life, ” to include his journey with ESPN and his unfortunate heart surgery. 

Key Takeaways:

1. Hoge leads the Way to Play program in the National Football League (NFL), has also worked with the Steelers, and has done scouting. However, he has prioritized speaking, which he deems to be his true passion.

2. Entrepreneurs face various challenges, deadlines, and goals. However, Hoge believes that the most important thing for business owners is acknowledging that everything starts and ends in their minds. Hoge believes, “We are more alike than we are not.”

3. Visuals are one tool that entrepreneurs can use to help them control their thoughts. In the league, for example, Hoge used the phrase “find a way” as the first image he would view every single day. 

5. Another way to maintain positivity as an entrepreneur is through self-evaluation. While visuals are important, entrepreneurs should also check in on themselves, challenge their limits, widen their scope, and keep moving forward to grow, evolve, and elevate. “If people understood that their mind is their greatest tool, they could practice empowering it, strengthening it, and exercising it to work for them rather than against them,” Hoge says.

6. According to Hoge, you can’t change people’s minds, but great leaders can motivate and influence them by modeling the behavior they wish to see. He asserts, “100% of what individuals say is important, but their actions are even more impactful.” He continues, “From a leader’s perspective, the best investment they can make is in themselves while also modeling the behavior they would like to see if the roles were reversed.”

"Find peace in knowing you've done all you could do and that, during the time, it was enough." – Merril Hoge

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