How entrepreneurs can let go and delegate to thrive – Lee Romaire | Romaire Studios

Welcome to another episode of The Small Business Show, where we will discuss effective ways to lead creative teams. Our guest today is Lee Romaire, the CEO and founder of Romaire Studios. Lee and his team successfully recreated fully functional character suits from the popular movie Five Nights at Freddy’s.

Key Takeaways 

1. Romaire discusses the challenges of managing a creative team within tight deadlines. He shares how his studio created fully functional character suits for the online game Five Nights at Freddy’s in just eight weeks, demonstrating the importance of experienced personnel and efficient processes to meet such demands.

2. Furthermore, Romaire highlights the significance of teamwork and attitude over sheer talent. Working collaboratively is necessary for commercial art projects, and having a team of skilled individuals who can work together effectively is crucial for success in the creative industry.

3. In addition, Romaire provides insights into effective leadership in the creative industry, emphasizing the need to delegate tasks and trust in others’ abilities. Allowing talented individuals to contribute to projects can lead to better business outcomes and growth.

4. The interview also touches on Romaire Studios’ scalability, mentioning the strategic approach of leveraging diverse skill sets from the movie industry and engineering world to tackle various projects. The studio has a mix of full-time and part-time staff, as well as a talent pool of 60 to 100 individuals.

5. Looking ahead, Romaire predicts an explosion of theme park and entertainment-related work, particularly in robotics and AI. He anticipates advancements in autonomous robotics for characters in theme parks and regional entertainment venues, reflecting a broader trend toward innovative and immersive experiences in the industry.

"You know, a lot of people I see who are very talented can't seem to delegate to other people. They think they're the only people who can do it, and that's just a real hindrance if you're trying to build a business." – Lee Romaire

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