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The Atlanta Small Business Show – Improve Sales Performance with Big Data, 9 Ways To Get Better At Selling, and Why is it Difficult to Give Performance Reviews

On today’s episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show:

big dataImprove Sales Performance with These Big Data and Analytics Practices

If your small business is looking for ways to improve its overall productivity and profitability, today that would mean upping your big data and analytics game. Of course, big data is only part of the picture. It means nothing without the ability to analyze it effectively. Your small business should aim to implement algorithms that uncover the benefits. Read More

sales9 Ways To Get Better At Selling

How do the great salespeople become great salespeople? According to the retail doctor blog, starting with number one: make a friend. The doctor says finding something in common, something not related to the merchandise in front of the customer begins to build rapport. Number two: sell people on value. Number three: the ability to separate customers into segments such as those looking to buy high-dollar items, long-term customers, and those that need the most convincing to close a deal. And number four, highlight ways to improve marketing efforts. Read more

Emory MullingWhy is it Difficult to Give Performance Reviews

In part one of our interview with Emory Mulling (Chairman, Senior Executive, and Coaching Consultant with the Mulling Corporation) we discussed three responsibilities that managers have that can be a little overwhelming…Doesn’t matter how big the company is. Today, the list continues with three more, starting with performance reviews. Watch the full interview

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