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The 3 Truths Leaders Need to Acknowledge in Preparation for Future Downturns

Since the beginning of the pandemic, many leaders have had to pivot their teams, office environments, protocols, and projections. Some have had the benefit of fully-operational remote teams and some have not been so lucky. Times have changed and so has the way we do business and lead our staff.

Joining us once again on The Atlanta Small Business Show is Kevin Hancock. Kevin is the Author of “The Seventh Power: One CEO’s Journey into the Business of Shared Leadership” and also CEO of Hancock Lumber Company

Hancock Lumber is one of the oldest companies in America and six-time recipient of the ‘Best Places to Work in Maine’ award. In 2010, at the peak of the national housing and mortgage market collapse, Kevin acquired a rare neurological voice disorder called Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD).  When his own voice became weakened, he developed a new leadership style based on strengthen the voices of others. He is now a champion of a work culture where everyone leads and every voice is trusted, respected, and heard. His book, “The Seventh Power” shares the philosophy, values and strategies Hancock Lumber Company has embraced on its journey toward becoming an employee-centric company – where leadership responsibilities are broadly shared rather than power coming from the top down.

In this segment Jim and Kevin discuss how the pandemic and how it has affected Hancock Lumber’s operations. They also discuss an article Kevin recently penned for Thrive Global titled, Seeing The Deeper Lessons of Coronavirus. From this, Jim asks Kevin to discuss the 3 modern truths he mentions as well as how the housing market collapse in 2006 prepared him for the pandemic. 

Tune-in to the interview above to hear the rest of our interview with Kevin and please let us know your comments and questions using the space below.

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