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How Video Marketing Improves Engagement with your Customers

Video’s huge. Everybody knows that. So how can you use video marketing as a small business to improve engagement with customers? Cory Mosley, Founder of The Fearless Entrepreneurship Society answers this question and tells us how video can empower opportunities to do more business.

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He’s an entrepreneur and a business strategist, and it’s always a pleasure to welcome back Cory Mosley here in our studios. We appreciate you joining us. The founder of The Fearless Entrepreneurship Society. Man, thanks for hanging out with us again.

Thank you for having me as always.

This little thing right here, we should tell people, everyone has one, everyone uses it. Not only does it benefit big businesses, but we know it’ll benefit small business. How can people out there operating a business watching us go, “How can I use video marketing for my business? How is that going to improve my engagement with the world?”

Sure. Video’s huge. Everybody knows that. The reality of it is that you have to make decisions as a business owner that say, “Hey, where are my customers and what do they respond to?” I understand whenever I talk about video, “Oh, Cory, I’m not good on video,” or the jokes, someone has a face for radio, as they say. You have to use video to empower the opportunities to do more business.

For a lot of people, let’s say I’m great at baking cookies. Well, I can make a great cookie, the best cookie you’ve ever had. That doesn’t mean that I can market it properly, but what video is going to allow you to do, it’s going to allow you to get the message out there in multiple ways. Number one, let people see the product. Number two, let them learn more about your story because we’re investing in stories, right? Tom’s, Warby Parker, all these great companies now, it’s the story that makes you want to buy their shoes or buy their product, so now I’ve got story on my side.

I also now have satisfied customers, and because we consume so much video, the power of having customers eat your cookies and go, “Oh my god, this is the greatest cookie I’ve ever had in my life,” is super, super powerful, but you’ve got to do it.

I remember having a guy come to my house to bid on painting my home, and again, it’s so easy. Any time I talk to a small business owner, it’s immediate for me. They come to my home and ask me, “What do you do?” And then we start talking, and then of course, they want advice.


I was talking to this guy and he said, “Well, what made you call me?” I said, “Well, I liked your branding. You looked like a fresh approach.” I said, “But what I didn’t notice is I didn’t notice any testimonials.” I said, “Why don’t you have people on video with testimonials?” “Oh, I don’t really want to ask people to do that.”

I said, “Let me ask you this. Do you believe that you did an excellent job?” “Yes.” “Do you believe that your customers are satisfied?” “I know they were.” “Why wouldn’t you want as many people as possible to know about that?” He said, “I hadn’t thought about it that way.”

I said, “Did you ask anybody and they said no?” He said, “No, I never did.” I said, “Can you think of somebody right now that could give you a testimonial?” He said, “Yes.” I said, “Call them on the spot.” We get the past customer on the phone, and he says, “Hey, we’re trying to revamp our marketing, do some things here. I don’t want to put you out, but would you mind maybe, could I get a testimonial, quick testimonial video?” “Absolutely, no problem. Your work was phenomenal. I’d be happy to.” Just like that. He now has his video. He has his testimonial, and the party’s rolling for him.

Yes, and it’s easy. Oh sure, I can do it right now. I’ll email it to you.

That’s right.

Okay, so here’s my question, because you have what I have, a website, a YouTube channel, all social media. Someone’s thinking, “Where do I do video marketing?” Because maybe their website doesn’t really have that or equipped to do that, but they have a YouTube channel that has 200 subscribers so far and 300 videos, or maybe they do everything on Facebook. Do you balance it? Where do you put it? Where do you find time to do it?

Well, the thing is it’s so easy and so affordable to do it, right? You talked about YouTube, but what you have to do is where are your customers? Where do you market now? Where do you get your acquisition from? That’s what’s going to be key. That will tell me where I need to put the video.

Where can I do it? Again, everyone doesn’t have a huge budget, so utilizing YouTube and then utilizing the share link now will get it on my website, will get it on my Facebook page, so where are you making the investment right now to acquire your customers or let people know that you even exist? That’s where you’re going to plug the video in.

Before I came here, I stopped and had lunch. While I was at lunch, I could pretend that I was looking at emails and making a ton of phone calls. No, I was eating lunch. I was watching a Hulu Shark Tank episode on my phone while I was eating my soup.

Makes sense.

Consuming video.

Yes. That’s what people do now. Even before they get up and watch local news or cable news, they go right to video. It’s right there in the palm of your hand. Watching, creating, all of it.

That’s right.

Cory Mosley, entrepreneur and business strategist and the founder of The Fearless Entrepreneurship Society. We appreciate you once again joining us. Thanks man.


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