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6 Ways to Establish Yourself as a Powerful Influencer

There is always something to be gained by becoming an influencer, regardless of your actual industry. It’s far easier to get a lot of things when people know your skills well, and when you have a ton of followers. For example, job applications become smoother affairs when you have social proof of your skills and positive standing in the community. Being an influencer or authority can also make becoming an entrepreneur easier, as you can lend your personal brand to the startup, which can ease the problem of initial market penetration. The only question you face is how you can actually become an influencer.

  1.  Plan Ahead

A lot of what makes someone a successful influencer is hidden under the surface. Many only see their success, not what lead to that, and a big part of what leads to their current position is a tremendous amount of preparation. This mean something as similar as setting aside a day to record a series of videos, to planning how you’re growing to scale once you hit certain milestones.

  1.  Develop a Strong Reputation

Before you become an influencer, you must develop a reputation. You don’t start affecting the way people think or getting respect before you prove yourself, so get out there and do it. How you do it is largely up to you. Joining the discussion on forums and on social media is a good start. Offering unique pieces of information and insight will also build up your reputation. Naturally, you cannot ignore the value of simply knowing more than most people, as it makes you a valuable resource to your target demographic.

  1.  Set Aside Time for Yourself

Being an influencer can and will feel like a 24-hour job. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up losing your personal life out of fear that your every action is judged and reflects on your brand. You’re going to put a lot on your calendar to make sure you don’t forget, so add it there as well. Schedule time for yourself, for your friends, and your family.

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  1.  Remember Who You Are

Fakers will be exposed at one point or another. At some point, the façade will slip, and people will know who you are. That isn’t to say that playing a character or a personality is a bad idea, far from it. Playing someone that is slightly different from you can help reinforce your brand and mentally put distance between you and your public persona. However, whatever personality you put forward must still be a true and real part of you. Don’t pretend to be someone you’re not.

  1.  Get That Email List Started Immediately

One of the biggest mistakes many would-be influencers make is to simply fail to create an email list. Email lists may be old hat, but it’s still an effective part of many marketing strategies. It’s what will let people know that you have something new coming out, and will thus increase both customer loyalty and responsiveness to your new content. It also gives you a non-invasive way to stay in contact with your audience, which is critical in a world where many demographics detest being imposed upon.

  1.  Create a Lot of Content

Content is your primary marketing tool. It’s what will let people discover you, who you are, and why they should consider you as an authority. The kind of content you create must not only mesh well with your industry but also highlight your selling point. For example, if you want to become an influencer in the realm of digital art, consider setting up a YouTube channel filled with how-to guides, or livestream some of your work.

Becoming an influencer is not easy, nor will it a quick endeavor. It will take time and effort to make it work, but it can open up a whole new world of opportunities if you do it well.

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