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How Winning a Pitch Competition Gave Qoins the Funds It Needed to Grow – Christian Zimmerman, CEO

The ASBN team was recently on-location today at the 2019 Fintech South Conference and spoke to Christian Zimmerman, Co-founder, and CEO of Qoins, an app that is helping its using pay off their debts faster. Christian was also the winner of the FinTech South Innovation Challenge at the 2018 conference last year. 

QoinsAfter winning the innovation challenge, Qoins was awarded $50,000 to re-invest into their company. Christian says this was a huge catalyst for their startup. Qoins help consumers pay off their debts like student loans and credit cards through everyday purchases. The app’s automation rounds up your latest purchase to the next whole dollar and applies the difference to the debt.

After graduating from Georgia State University in December of 2015, Christian had to start repaying his student loans and came up with the concept for Qoins, but knew he couldn’t pull off the technical side without some help. He met his business partner Nate who is the company’s CTO. Now, Qoins has grown to eight employees and Christian says he’s had to hone his leadership skills.

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