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How Technology is Changing the Way We Hire Employees

Technology is changing everything from the cars we drive to the ways we gather and share information; innovation has had a particular impact on the hiring process. From the ability to gather applications and qualify applicants with ease to the increased insights that automated screening and remote, video interviewing make the hiring process easier and more efficient than ever. Here are four ways technology is aiding the recruitment and hiring process:

Social Media’s Impact on Hiring

Social media is far more than just a fun way to share pictures of your kids, your pets and your hobbies; the rise of sites like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn make it easier than ever to learn more about your potential candidates and determine if the person you are considering is truly a good match.

If you use social media to check out a prospective employee, you’re not alone. 37% of employers use social media to screen applicants, according to Forbes magazine. This number should continue to rise as employers navigate the legalities of using Facebook and other outlets for screening, and as they realize the potential of social media for screening and hiring.

Efficient Screening

Automation can help with some of the most mundane and time-consuming parts of the applicant screening process. Instead of wasting time shuffling through applicants to find a suitable person to interview, the latest automation technology allows you to increase the efficiency of the process by taking over those tasks that consume your time (or an employee’s time) but must be done to find qualified candidates.

The ability to set specific parameters for the position you are hiring for ensures that the only applications that make it to you are truly qualified and acceptable. You can also set up screening to filter out resumes or applications with inaccuracies, with errors or gaps or that otherwise don’t meet your qualifications. While you’ll want to review many of the applications you receive, automation can help eliminate those who are not qualified and allow you to review only the applicants who meet your preset qualifications.

Expedited, Efficient Interviewing

From innovative technology that allows for an in-person interview experience to sophisticated AI innovations that further screen prospects, the hiring process is easier than ever. Online meeting software cuts down on the need to travel, while enhanced screening programs ensure you don’t waste your time or your applicants’ time.  The ability to speak with a candidate, ask questions in a live setting, and see how that prospect performs and responds to queries can help you narrow down your field.

Where you once had to make your best guess about which employees to invite in for an interview and may have even had to limit your choices to candidates in your immediate geographic location, technology makes it easier than ever to connect with qualified applicants and learn enough about them to make a decision.

Rapid Response Rates

The old-school approach of placing an ad, waiting for it to appear, then waiting for resumes and applications to pour in takes time: too much time. Mobile and Internet technology eliminates much of the wait associated with the beginning of the recruitment process. Posting your job online exposes you to a wide range of candidates almost instantly, while the ability to receive applications and resumes online reduces the amount of time you must wait for applicants to roll in.

Mobile is a game changer for the application process; according to the Society for Human Resource Managers, about 30% of the job seekers use mobile devices to look for their next position. Mobile and responsive sites also allow the tech-savvy candidate and business to connect rapidly and increase the efficiency of the hiring process.

Incorporating technology into your hiring process makes it easier than ever to not only find the right candidate but to review a wider range of candidates. Contact us to learn more about using technology to refine your hiring process and to ensure you find the top candidates for every position.


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