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Closing Statements to Help Your Chances of Securing Business Agreements

A person can usually turn into a nervous wreck while reaching the end of a conversation to close a deal. No matter how impressed the opposing party may seem, there is always a chance that one poorly worded closing statement can withhold the agreement. Words can make a massive difference in influencing decisions, which makes it necessary to know what kind of closing statements can help close a business deal.

There are two kinds of statements you could use. One is when asking for the sale, which seems to be more comfortable to the buyer; the other is a more assertive approach. The following are some statements and methods that you can use to help close a business deal.

Assuming the Product is a Good Fit

Mentioning how the product is a good fit automatically makes your opposing party think about all the reasons that have made them interested purchasing the product. Since you have asked the opposing party for their opinion, you leave a much more positive impression on them. If they agree with your statement, you can tell them that you will send the proposal as soon as possible.

Offering an Additional Service or Feature

Offering supplemental features to your core offering may or may not work in every case, which is why you need to be careful when using this statement to close a business deal. Offering a freebie can be advantageous for more substantial business and may be an excellent choice. Regarding competitive markets, you could also use a discount on prices or complimentary service.

Getting Started Right Away

By mentioning how you would like to get started right away, you give your prospect an opening where they can ask any further questions if they have any. Moreover, it also shows where you stand. If you have given the buyer all the necessary information, their response is most likely to be that they do not have any more concerns and are ready to proceed with the deal.

Create an Actionable

Another useful closing technique is to mention how you will get a deliverable completed immediately once the deal is signed. If you are a marketing company, for example, you can promise to provide an initial report within four business days of the contract signing date. That tells the other party that you are taking the lead in completing milestones and ensuring the relationship is off to a solid, productive start.

The process of selling an agreement, service, or product to other parties involves numerous facets and approaches. When it comes to closing the deal, the last few words exchanged are consistently going to be important. By listening to your prospects, understanding their needs, and choosing the right statements for each case, you have a better chance of securing agreements. Regardless of your situation, these statements can be adapted to supplement your selling strategy.

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