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Low-Cost Modern Marketing Options For Small Business

When it comes to running a small business, budgeting can be quite tricky, particularly when seeking modern marketing options that are effective and affordable. Here are eight low-cost marketing options that can assist a small business in the modern world.

The Use Of Referrals

The first option is to learn how to ask for referrals as a way of developing a new clientele. Often times, small business owners depend on the word of mouth of clients as a way of creating a new clientele.  When one learns how to ask for referrals, it is amazing how drastically the client base can improve.

Making Prospective Clients Know What Your Business Does

In order to market a business successfully, it is necessary to let prospective clients know exactly what it is the business does. When someone asks you what you do, do not be shy about letting it be known. You should make that person believe that your business is the grand solution to all their problems. Being uncomfortable about accentuating your business’s strong points will not win over any new business ventures. You will, however, impress new business prospects when you speak openly and candidly about the benefits that your business will get them.

Discover Where The Best Places Are To Find New Clientele

Figure out what the best places are to find new and potential clients. Then, ensure that you frequently visit those places. When it comes to marketing your small business, you cannot just sit back and hope that your current and potential clientele will find you. You need to ensure you are proactive in getting your business recognized in areas that potential clients hang out. If you are a working professional, one of the best places to market new clients is your current place of employment. If you work in the same industry as your small business, you may be able to convince some of your current company clients to come with you to your business.

Offer Workshops Or Classes About Your Business

Offering potential clients free workshops and/or classes about your business is another great marketing idea. These classes will be a great marketing tool, as people instinctively love learning about new things, especially when they are of no cost to them. Providing free workshops about the types of products and services your small business can afford them has a strong likelihood of proving to have a winning effect on those potential clients.

Design A Creative Tagline/Logo

One of the biggest promotional tips for marketing your small business is to create a creative tagline and/or logo for your company. This is what current and future clients will remember you by; so, you want your logo to become a permanent part of their memory. When the name of your business comes up or a picture of something familiar, you want your company to be the first thing that the person thinks of. Try to make your company associate with something that is every day but original; such as a plant or animal, or even money. Developing a catchy phrase to match the logo will also prove to be a good marketing idea. For instance, the insurance giant Geico uses a Gecko as their marketing image. The word ‘Gecko’ almost looks like ‘Geico’. So, whenever you see that little Australian speaking reptile, you automatically think about the insurance company.

Create A Brochure About Your Company

Design a brochure that will describe the products and/or services offered by your company in a simple, hands-on manner. Brochures are simple and cheap to produce; but, they provide clients with something tangible that can be easily carried around. Just ensure that you fill the brochure with a lot of helpful information about your company. Within that information include some frequently asked questions and their respective answers in regard to your company’s services/products that clientele can easily access to get answers to any questions they might have.

Social Media

One of the best low-cost marketing options that small businesses have is social media. Social media is an excellent way to market new products, grand openings, and any charitable events your organization may be involved with. Advertising your small business on social media is probably the easiest and simplest way to market your small business in the modern era. If you do not have any social media accounts, it is quite simple and quick to set one up.

Get A Website

If you do not have a website, it is essential for you to create one. Having a website for your small business is another one of the low cost, efficient marketing options for advertising your company. It does not matter if your website only addresses the who, what, where, and why of the business. It at least provides a starting place on which current and potential customers can land on while performing a search for businesses in your industry/category. If you have a website that is easy to find on the web, you are bettering your chances for clients to find you and choose your company to go with. The Internet is a giant marketplace that is virtually a free advertising field for small business owners and entrepreneurs.


The above tips will help you to market your small business and stay within a budget your company can afford.  By following these eight tips, your company will grow and develop clientele in a way that aids the business to thrive.

Teresa Jenkins
Teresa Jenkins
Marketing expert and freelance writer for CBT News

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