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How to Prepare Your Small Business for Holiday Season Sales

Having a successful holiday season for your business is not as easy as it may seem. Even though shopping activity increases during the holiday, so does the emergence of businesses. This means that competition is on the rise and to overcome that competition, you will have to prepare for the holiday season early to get an upper hand on the competition.

Below, the article will discuss some of the tips, tricks, and strategies you can work on before the holiday. These will help you grow your business, and fuel your brand over the holiday period.  

Be Prepared 

According to a study, 40 percent of shoppers start shopping in October, right before Halloween strikes. Therefore, if you are not prepared to leverage from this shopping spree before October, then you will likely miss out on huge sales numbers. Thus, make sure that you have all your marketing campaigns lined up beforehand.  

It is also important to take into account that the holiday season continues throughout the winter season, from Halloween, Christmas, and then New Year’s Eve. Therefore, there is always a holiday around the corner. Therefore, it would be best to think about your holiday strategy throughout the year. You will have to double down on your preparation once the season is in full swing.  

Ultimately, planning is one of the most important aspects of a successful holiday season. Not only that, but it also keeps you from being stressed and burned out. During the planning phase, which should normally start in late January, you essentially have to implement less and strategize more.  Mentioned below, is a breakdown of the planning phase, guiding you more towards what you will have to cover.  


When the holiday season arrives, you can expect plenty of customer traffic and overloaded operations. Hence, even the slightest flaw in the workings and mechanisms of the operation will be very costly to businesses.  Therefore, it is imperative to maintain your business system before the holiday season and make the necessary upgrades.  

For instance, some integrations and upgrades can make business operations more seamless and fast. What’s more, you can find several types of software such as bookkeeping tools, worker management, and inventory tracking that help improve the quality of work and the speed at which a business delivers. In the busy times of the holiday season, these upgrades and integrations will be crucial to alleviate the stress from the workers and employees. 

holiday season

Determine Event Promotion

The holiday season is when most of the events take place. Brands that do well in this season are often ones that promote successful events during the season. Thus, you can start noting down all the events, whether they focus on Halloween, Black Friday, or Christmas. 

Once you decide on the holidays you will run a promo for, you can start contacting the organizers. You can also host a separate event in which you make the theme-oriented towards your brand.  

Research Trends and Keywords 

When campaigning for the holiday season, it will be highly beneficial to incorporate the seasonal holiday trends into your online campaigns. To gain an advantage from organic keyword traffic, you can take time and research high-value keywords that are a good fit for your business and product listing. 

Thus, make sure that you rank your SEO keywords during the planning phase just so you can get ahead of the curve. This will help your brand rank for the specific holiday season keywords as soon as people start searching for them.   

You can also work on coming up with a creative campaign that personalizes the holiday experience. It is important that you start formulating and crafting creative strategies in the planning phase as the process consumes plenty of time. 

Hence, by the start of the holiday season, you should have a campaign that has been trialed, tested, approved, and ready to run. 

Plan Product Offerings 

You have all sorts of great options to consider when you start planning your offerings, deals, and packages for the holidays. You can start by asking yourself questions such as, “Do I want to create a new product to launch at a special event?” 

If you do not launch a new product, you can use the planning phase to think about how you can modify the existing product in a way that makes it specifically appealing to the particular holiday.  It is also worth noting that you don’t need to change the product entirely, but you can market it in a way that makes it relevant to the holiday.

Create Leader Board Banners 

A leader board banner is a banner that pops up on the top of your website. This banner is more evident in retail businesses, but it can be helpful to all businesses that plan to run a promotion during the holiday season.  Designing a bar across the top allows the visitors to get excited for your upcoming promotions beforehand and fill them with anticipation.  

These banners will not only help get more eyeballs towards your holiday promotion but also create more conversion and activity around your brand before the holiday season arrives. Setting up design collateral will help you increase your conversion rates ahead of time.  

Start Designing Adverts 

Start writing your design copy and take holiday-based templates ahead of time. It is better to have a set of designs at your disposal before the holiday season. This will make your ad campaign more impactful, efficient, and robust. This will also allow you to design the ads for Google, Instagram, or Facebook according to their specific templates and copy. 

Create Email Templates 

You can come up with an email campaign that matches the branding of your leader board, along with the design collaterals for your ad campaigns. You can also create an email campaign and list the users that you will send messages to.  

Listing down and targeting specific customers for particular emails are smart and efficient marketing techniques. However, it can be time-consuming to perform, which is why it is important to prepare for this beforehand.  The best practice would be to be ready with the emails and automate their schedule according to each holiday. 

This way, you do not have to worry about being late for a greetings email, as all you will have to do is hit the send button. Emails are a great way to boost sales during the holiday season. This is largely because potential clients have plenty of time to check their emails during the holiday season. Emails are, therefore, an essential marketing strategy during the holidays.  

Determine Schedule for Add Promos 

Typically, most brands will benefit from running ads at some period leading up to the holidays. This exact time of adverts is crucial, and it should correspond to your business timings and other plans. For instance, if you have an important event coming up, then it is better that you run the ad around that time.  

In other words, you should strategically schedule the ads and determine when you need your campaign to trigger to achieve the most sales. For instance, if your product is tied to an event, then running the campaign a few times prior to that event will increase sales significantly. 

Similarly, if your campaign is geared towards vacationing and traveling, then targeting audiences that are potential travelers and vacationers is a good strategy. Moreover, it is also better to run campaigns that cater to vacationing and touring during the peak travel season.  

Put Someone in Charge 

Once you get all the campaigns, leader boards, ads, and designs sorted and scheduled, you can move on to the post-implementation phase.  At this stage, you have to make sure that someone is held accountable for the execution of your holiday promotions.  You need someone collecting data and responses to the campaign and making the necessary changes accordingly.  

Important Considerations

There are a number of different consumers that you will come across during the holidays. The most common customers are ones that are looking for holiday discounts and deals. Therefore, to attract this type of traffic towards your business, make sure that your business offers different types of deals and offers related to the holidays. 

For retail businesses that are struggling to get rid of their overstocked inventory, the holiday season comes as a blessing. It allows them to get rid of those items by putting them on sale. The other type of customer is one that is longing to spend their money. These are the people that have worked long and hard until the holiday season and want to treat themselves. 

Catering to these consumers will require businesses to add more value to their products, improve quality, and reasonably raise the price and appeal of their business. Overall, as a business, you have to prepare to accommodate a wide range of customers to maximize success in the holiday season. 

To Conclude 

Focus on the successes and procedures that have worked for your business. Even though preparation may seem overwhelming, once you streamline your process and list things in order, the process will become efficient and more streamlined.  Therefore, make sure that you adhere to the above-mentioned measures for a successful holiday season.

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Brandi Marcene
Brandi Marcene
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