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8 Ways To Increase Repeat Sales for Your Small Business

Getting new customers is always a plus. However, if you want your business to thrive, you should always aim to get more repeat sales. Encouraging existing customers to buy from you again can result in a lot of profit for your business, especially if they become frequent customers.

That means you should look for ways to enhance customer loyalty, increase customer retention, and give your buyers plenty of reasons to keep buying from you. Here are eight of the most effective ways to increase repeat sales for your business.

1. Create An Email Newsletter

It’s no coincidence that practically every business you find online nowadays encourages users to sign up for their email newsletter. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote products and enhance sales, especially when it comes to repeat sales.

Whenever a customer buys from you, you should encourage them to subscribe to your email newsletter in exchange for exciting promotions and special deals. You can then send them all kinds of emails that encourage them to buy from you again.

From advertising your latest sales via email to sending them exciting content about your best products, each email will keep your business in the customer’s mind and make them more likely to buy from your business twice or more.

2. Implement a Customer Rewards Program

Another incredibly effective way to encourage customers to keep buying from you is to create a customer rewards program. If customers are rewarded for each purchase they make with your business, it’s only natural that they’ll make more purchases.

There are many ways you can implement customer rewards. For example, cafes and restaurants often give customers stamp cards and add a stamp for each purchase they make. Once they hit a certain amount, they get a free meal or drink.

You can also use customer rewards software to create a digital rewards program, allowing customers to swipe their member cards and gain points for each purchase. You can then offer incentives such as a meaningful discount off their purchase for every 100 points they collect.

3. Build An App For Your Brand

App marketing is becoming increasingly popular. Consumers nowadays use their phones more than ever and even buy from their favorite businesses via their smartphones. As a result, an effective brand app can work wonders for enhancing repeat sales.

Your app should make it quick and easy for customers to order products or services from you. You can also use your app to advertise flash sales or exciting product promotions via push notifications.

You don’t need to code the app yourself. Simply enlist the help of an app development service. Once customers have your app, they’ll be much more likely to casually browse your products and buy from you much more often.

4. Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media marketing is still one of the best ways to promote your business. By posting interesting content and building a following, you can generate more sales and ultimately make more profit.

You can use social media to advertise flash sales, promote your latest products, or even link to enticing blog posts on your website. Whichever way, as long as your customers follow you, they’ll be enticed to check out your products again.

While platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are excellent for promoting your business, you might also want to consider growing platforms. Many brands now find creative ways to market their products via apps like Snapchat and TikTok.

5. Host A Flash Sale

If you want to increase repeat sales fast, hosting a flash sale can work wonders. For instance, you could offer 25 percent off all your products for 24 hours and advertise the sale via email, social media, and even your brand app.

When past customers see you’re having a short-term sale, they’ll be much more likely to buy something from you. They might even make a bigger purchase to take advantage of the discount.

Even if some customers don’t instantly make a purchase, they might see a product they like and decide to buy it later. What’s more, customers who bought from you and were impressed with your customer service will be more likely to buy from your business again soon.

6. Offer Surprise Short-Term Vouchers

Another smart way to entice your existing customers to make another purchase is to surprise them with short-term vouchers. Many major companies do this via their apps and emails to encourage more sales.

For instance, you could send out an email to your past customers giving them a 20 percent off voucher for their next purchase. This makes them feel valued and also makes them feel like they get extra value from their purchases.

However, while some might be tempted to hold onto their vouchers for years, making them expire in a month or even a week encourages customers to quickly check out what you have to offer and buy something. Not only that but they’ll be more likely to buy from you more frequently knowing they’ll be rewarded for it.

7. Expand Your Product Range

Sometimes customers are eager to buy something new from your business but can’t find anything that interests them. This is why it’s important to continually update your product range. Introducing new products is always an excellent way to encourage your loyal customers to buy from you again and attract new customers at the same time.

Fashion retailers are an excellent example of this method. By introducing a new range of items each season, customers are more enticed to keep coming back and finding something new to buy – especially as these items are often suited to each season.

However, this method can be applied to all kinds of businesses. Cafes can introduce new types and flavors of coffee. Digital services can introduce new service packages. However you do it, introducing new products gives loyal customers a shining opportunity to buy from you again.

8. Find Out What Your Customers Want

Paying attention to the needs and desires of your customers can significantly enhance your sales. If you make the effort to find out what customers want and give it to them, they’ll happily continue to use your business in the future.

The best way to do this is to collect customer feedback and act on it. You could send out detailed surveys via emails or even ask customers to email their suggestions. You could also look for patterns in your sales statistics and other business analytics.

These methods will help you make many positive changes for your customers. For example, you might find that customers want the option to pay by PayPal, or that they want you to offer a certain type of product. Whichever way you do it, giving them what they want can boost brand loyalty and gain you more repeat customers.


Earning the loyalty of your customers and gaining repeat sales is the most effective way to increase your profits. These methods will help you keep bringing your customers back, resulting in many more sales.

Try to implement these strategies in your business regularly and remember to always adapt to the needs and wants of your customers. Soon enough, you’ll have a powerful base of loyal customers and a consistent stream of revenue.

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