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7 Tips for Writing Amazingly Irresistible Product Descriptions

Even the most sought-after products don’t sell themselves. Product descriptions are what your audience looks for to decide if your product can solve their problems. Questions such as, “Is this a quality product?” or “Does it have all of the features that I need?” are what they’re looking to have answered when they view your marketing copy. So, what makes a product description good? Simple, a good product description is one that convinces readers that the product is worth their money. 

Below are seven ways to write product descriptions like a pro.

  1. Illustrate the differentiators

No product is without competition in today’s marketplace. That means you must find ways to showcase the difference between your product and the others. Write scannable blurbs detailing your product’s best features, guarantees, stamps of approval, or “Grade A (XYZ)” — anything that can help you appear to be a cut above the rest.

  1. Use a feature/benefit writing style

When writing your descriptions, be sure that they don’t read like technical instructions. Remember, you may be familiar with all of its features and how they work, but your buyers aren’t. After you list each element, always include its benefit to the customer. A good place for examples of this style of writing is Best Buy’s website. Take a look at how they highlight the main features of their products and include a short benefit statement with each. Try to keep the customer’s “WIIFM” (What’s In It For Me) in mind when writing your copy.

  1. Don’t be afraid to brag

Help establish credibility for your product by including any blurbs about awards, testimonials, or stamps of approval from note-worthy influencers. Social proof is one of the best ways to entice prospective buyers to give your product a shot, as it quickly builds trust with a product or brand.

  1. Know your ideal buyer

It’s natural to want to appeal to all audiences when writing the copy for your product. However, doing this can cause you to write vague descriptions that don’t speak directly to your target buyers. You want your write-up to resonate with them, and a great way to make sure you’re doing this is to craft buyer personas for your audience. What’s their demographic? What’s their lifestyle?  Getting to know your audience can help you to write the perfect copy to appeal to them directly.

  1. Be fluff-free

Writing copy can be challenging if you’re scrambling for benefits to describe a product that’s simple in its use, or that doesn’t have a long list of interesting features. In cases like, try not to resort to writing “fluff” sentences which add no value to your descriptions. Instead, try to include more specific information about the issue that the product solves.

  1. Throw in a CTA

A call-to-action is a favorite marketing tool used to direct prospective buyers to a specific action, either online or offline. It could be a phone call, email registration, purchase, or a simple click-through. Toss in an irresistible CTA at the end of your product description for quick conversions. 

Example: “Buy now to try product ABC risk-free for 7 days!”

  1. Sell the experience

Find ways to sell your customers on the experience of owning your product. That means writing descriptively to appeal to their mind’s eye. Begin your descriptions with action verbs that’ll spark their imagination. Write in a situational style that makes them want to experience the benefits of your product. Lastly, use sensory words to appeal to your buyer’s sense of sound, sight, smell, and touch. 

Before crafting copy for your product or service be sure to know its features and capabilities inside and out. Use stories, descriptive adjectives, and write in an enthusiastic and casual tone to get readers engaged in your descriptions. Creating excitement about your product is a guaranteed way to make buyers interested in what you have to offer.

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