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5 Undeniable Reasons Blogging is Good For Business Development

If you’re not blogging for your company, you’re doing your business a disservice. You might tell yourself you don’t have the time, but your decision is costing you customers in numerous ways. A failure to blog is a failure to create business opportunities. If you need convincing that blogging for business is an awesome decision, consider the following five reasons that blogging is good for your company.

1) Blogging attracts search engine crawlers to your business. Whether you own an e-commerce business or a brick-and-mortar shop, blogging on a consistent basis can help attract search engine traffic to your company.

2) Companies that blog tend to earn more backlinks, which is also good for search engine optimization. Not only will you be showing search engines your business is active and engaged, you can potentially earn backlinks from other websites thanks to your helpful and informative blog posts. (Each social media share on social networks like Twitter and Pinterest are also good for SEO).


3) Blogging shows thought leadership and niche expertise. The more you blog, the more you prove your sector knowledge to potential customers (and business partners!). Blog to showcase your product/service knowledge and you will continue to attract new eyeballs to your business for years to come.

4) When you blog for your business, you have fresh content to share on social media. Instead of sharing the same information or news links on your social media profiles, blogging gives you new content to share on a regular basis. Create eye-catching graphics with a tool like or and you’ll have tantalizing eye candy to share along with your blog posts.

5) Business blogging is an inexpensive marketing technique. It is easy to highlight your industry knowledge if you know your sector well. Creating blog posts doesn’t cost you anything except for a little bit of your time each day/each week. Make a point of jotting down blog post ideas throughout the week and you’ll find it’s easy to craft quick blog posts to share on your company blog.

These are just five of many reasons businesses should be blogging. The benefits of blogging far outweigh the expenditure of time. If you’re not blogging for business, it’s time you reconsidered your decision. You’ll be amazed at the opportunities and customers that come your way thanks to your willingness to blog about your company. Will you be blogging in an effort to increase sales (and credibility) this coming year?

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