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Why you should include veterans in your recruiting strategy — Ross Dickman | Hire Heroes USA

In honor of Memorial Day this year, we want to celebrate, honor and also highlight an organization that is helping America’s heroes daily. Hire Heroes USA is a non-profit organization that helps thousands of veterans and their spouses find employment.

We’re pleased to welcome Chief Operating Officer of Hire Heroes USA, Ross Dickman, to discuss the importance and benefit of recruiting veterans and their spouses today.

With a rich history spanning almost 16 years, the organization was founded by John Bardis, whose encounter with a particular soldier sparked a mission to address their number one fear—finding a job after their honorable service. Since then, Hire Heroes USA has gone above and beyond, successfully placing tens of thousands of veterans and military spouses into exceptional careers.

According to Dickman, one of the key figures at Hire Heroes USA, military life equips men and women with invaluable leadership skills such as discipline, accountability, and teamwork. He emphasizes that when you hire a veteran, you gain more than just a capable employee; you welcome someone who is profoundly inspired by the organization’s mission and values. These individuals possess an “owners’ mindset” while embracing creativity, which further enhances their potential to contribute significantly to your workforce.

Dickman passionately asserts that veterans offer a unique opportunity to bolster your team’s capabilities. Not only do they come from diverse backgrounds within your own community, but they also bring with them a wealth of skills acquired through their challenging experiences. Their unwavering commitment and ability to lead make them exceptional assets to any organization.

Furthermore, Dickman highlights the remarkable partnerships that Hire Heroes USA has cultivated with numerous organizations that recognize the profound cultural value and skill sets that veterans possess. He explains that their clients are advised that being a veteran alone won’t guarantee employment; rather, employers seek to hire the most suitable candidate for the job. However, if a veteran can leverage their specialized skills to become the best candidate, it presents a win-win situation for both the business owner and the veteran.

If you would like to be a client of Hire Heroes USA or an employer looking to hire, click here.

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