Staffing Your Startup: How to Develop a Recruitment Strategy – George Deeb, Managing Partner of Red Rocket Ventures

Almost every entrepreneur knows by now, that your business is only as good as the staff that runs it. You not only have to find the right people to execute your vision, but you also need to determine their compensation and benefits. Here to discuss the nuances of building the best team for your startup is George Deeb, Managing Partner of Red Rocket Ventures and author of over 300 lessons for startups and business owners.

In today’s segment, we asked George the following:

  • How should entrepreneurs build their startup team?
  • How can you determine your employees’ roles and responsibilities?
  • Talk to us about developing a recruiting strategy
  • How can you determine compensation and benefits for employees?

To hear George’s answers and find out more, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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