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How This Recruiter Built Her Company Around Atlanta’s Booming Tech Industry – Melissa Davis, Elev8 Hire Solutions

[Previously aired 6/7/19]

ASBN welcomes Melissa Davis, CEO and Founder Elev8 Hire Solutions. Melissa shares with us what it is that got her into the recruiting business and what it was that drove her to become an entrepreneur herself. While working as a recruiter for a larger company before starting her own business Melissa says she was really able to engrain herself into the community and it helped her to realize exactly what the market was lacking and what it was looking for.

Elev8 Hire SolutionsShe also discusses some of the hesitations that small businesses might have when they think about whether or not a recruiter would be right for them. While some businesses might think that the cost of hiring a recruiter might not be worth it, Melissa says that a lot of her clients look at it as a matter of time and resources rather than money. Since employment rates are currently so low this is a very difficult hiring market for businesses, thus making it more efficient for some businesses to hire a recruiter rather than finding and hiring a new employee themselves. The fact that businesses such as Elev8 Hire Solutions can get a quicker hire-in that might be more qualified than what businesses can find on their own is worth the cost.

Additionally, Melissa says that her business can be helpful to start-ups because they will work in order to hire key employees that can help the business grow. By initially getting that key employee into that startup business they will be able to work to grow the remainder of the start-ups’ team as well as their funds, and then Elev8 Hire Solutions will be able to come back in and continue to build off of that progress with additional hires.

To hear more about Melissa and her recruiting business check out the full interview above or visit her website at

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