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Create a Remarkable Work Culture with These Four Principles from Dr. Randy Ross

Most of us have probably heard the famous saying, “You hire an employee, and a human being walks in”. Having a positive company culture is easy to talk about, but difficult to create and maintain. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day grind and only focus on short-term productivity. We discussed the importance of having a healthy work culture with popular author, Dr. Randy Ross, founder and CEO of Remarkable!.

work culturePeople and organizations thrive in relationally-rich environments. While that might seem obvious to some, practicing the principles that lead to healthy relationships is not common practice among corporate higher-ups. Dr. Ross and the Remarkable! team felt like it was important to get this message out into the market place. The message helps people craft better relationships, which leads to better cultures, and it is broken down into four principles of healthy dynamics and relationships:

  1. Intentionality: If you want to build a strong business, you have to have a business plan. Same goes for relationships, if we want to grow, we must plan. Sit down with the person involved in the relationship you are trying to improve and ask them to rate the areas of your relationship on a scale from 1 to 10. Then ask that person how you can raise their rating from a 4 to an 8 for example. That becomes your relational plan.
  2. Humility: Humility is the acknowledgment of our humanity. It is rooted in authenticity and transparency. In order to lead people effectively, you have to walk with humility.
    1. Do I trust this person?
    2. Can I depend on this person?
    3. Does this person have my best interest at heart?
  3. Accountability: One of the biggest challenges in organizational life is getting good, healthy, real-time feedback. We are all aware of performance reviews, but these reviews can be replaced with on-going coaching throughout the year. If organizations can create continuous loops of open feedback, with real-time coaching, then employees will be self-correcting.
  4. Sustainability: Leading with love. Love, in very practical terms, mean giving or providing support for others. Leadership must be about something beyond self-interest, greater than self-promotion, and more noble than self-service. Be a value creator, not a value extractor.

Watch the full interview above with Dr. Ross to find out more about leadership, working relationships, and creating a positive work culture.

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