6 Character Traits of Business Winners – Mike Gomez

Every small business owner understands the importance of building trusting relationships with their customers and employees. Here to tell us why character counts in your small business, is business growth specialist, author, and keynote speaker, Mike Gomez. Mike is the founder and principal consultant for the Allegro Consulting group.


Jim Fitzpatrick: Joining us is Mike Gomez. Mike is the founder and principal consultant for the Allegro Consulting group. Welcome to the Small Business Atlanta Show.

Mike Gomez: Good to be back.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Yeah. Great. So let’s kind of jump right in here, in your latest article you talk about some of the traits, I think it’s six traits, to be exact.

Mike Gomez: Yes.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Highlight some of the business traits that are important to somebody that is going to be a winner in business.

Mike Gomez: All right. I was inspired to write this article by writing a nomination for a Small Business Person of the Year Award. And I knew this individual quite well. I try to look at the character traits he had that made him a successful business owner. What propelled his companies to grow? And I look over the 16 years I’ve been consulting for small business, my other clients that I’ve helped, given the same tools, some of them have grown. Some of them not so well. It was amazing how easily these six chat traits kind of leaked out.

Mike Gomez: So the first character trait would be humility, humble. And the humble characteristic is humble enough to know what they don’t know. Now, it’s a tough thing in a small business when you are the CEO. Everybody comes to you, they expect you to know the answer, it is really tough for you to admit to yourself that I don’t know something. It is a huge hurdle.

Mike Gomez: First of all, having that character in you that says, “I know I don’t know everything.” And the next character traits, right behind that one, is the courage to admit it. I mean, verbally, in some fashion, say it.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Why do you think it is that small business owners and entrepreneurs are so reluctant to say, “Hey, I need help. I don’t know the answer to that.” Among their staff. Is it a weakness?

Mike Gomez: It’s a weakness. They feel it might be a weakness that might be exploited.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Okay.

Mike Gomez: And they don’t want to appear weak. But I’m telling you, every one of the clients that I’ve worked with who’s company’s excelled, they had those two character traits. They had no problem saying, “I need help.”

Mike Gomez: So the next character trait, I am receptive enough to go out there and get it. Most importantly, this is the hard part, is the ability to listen to what experts are sharing with you. I’m talking about really listening because that too is a character trait. That they shut off the talk mode, and they’re into the really listening mode.

Mike Gomez: Now, go to the next character trait, intelligent. All right. Now, this seems obvious. So in this case, I’m talking about the intelligence to be able to comprehend what is being shared with you, in a manner like any other course that you may be in. Where you can … You’re not only hearing it, but you can regurgitate it. You’re intelligent enough to grasp it, why is it important?

Mike Gomez: And then the next one, bold enough to implement it. To try it out in your organization or company. Here’s the last one, the determination to not revert back to old behaviors.

Jim Fitzpatrick: That’s an important one.

Mike Gomez: Mm-hmm (affirmative). My goodness. I seriously, I looked at these six character traits, and it’s amazing that I have found some of my clients who have exhibited five, that sixth one …

Jim Fitzpatrick: Right. Is a tough one.

Mike Gomez: … is a tough one. They reverted back.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Yeah. Something they’re comfortable with.

Mike Gomez: And they went back to those old behaviors, and the company went back to its old growth path that flat-lines, sort of winging it again. So what people are teaching when they revise business owners to try to change your behavior permanently. Again, you’ve intelligently assessed whether or not the advice you’re getting is good. You boldly put it in place. Now, stick with it. Stick with it.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Right. Don’t second guess.

Mike Gomez: Don’t second guess it.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Right.

Mike Gomez: Keep implementing it and moving it forward.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Absolutely. Mike Gomez, thank you so much for joining us on the Atlanta Small Business Show. We get so much out of every one of your visits on the show and we get great comments from a lot of the people that are watching right now. So hopefully, we can have you back on to talk about more of this and other items that we’ve identified.

Mike Gomez: Love to.

Jim Fitzpatrick: Okay. Thanks so much.

Mike Gomez: Pleasure, as usual.