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How to Improve Your Staff’s EQ to Deliver a Top-Notch Customer Experience – Joseph Michelli, Author of ‘Driven to Delight’

Giving consumers an excellent customer experience on a consistent basis is not as easy as it sounds. And while we all know that product quality, convenience, speed, and brand are important factors…empathy, understanding, and creating memorable moments are equally meaningful, but often overlooked. Our guest today knows a thing or two about the qualities that your business can focus on to authentically engage and influence customers in order to deliver memorable experiences. We’re pleased to welcome back Joseph Michelli, New York Times Best-Selling Author and Customer Experience Expert.Joseph Michelli

Joseph shares with ASBN the three most memorable customer moments that people are much more likely to remember from their customer experience; they are going to remember the beginning, the end, and the painful moments of their customer experience. Therefore, focusing on these moments is going to allow you to be able to create the most memorable experiences for your brand.

Joseph also discusses the difference between EQ (emotional intelligence) and IQ and how important it is to your customer experience to increase your sales staff’s EQ. To hear more on this from Joseph check out the full interview above on the Atlanta Small Business Network.

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