Small BusinessHow entrepreneur Dr. Antonia Williams built her successful dental practice during a...

How entrepreneur Dr. Antonia Williams built her successful dental practice during a pandemic

The Gwinnett Chamber has served as the industry’s foremost supporter and innovative resource for connecting and advancing businesses. In addition to the metro Atlanta and Georgia’s Innovation Crescent regions, the Gwinnett Chamber is the only organization dedicated to improving the quality of life in Gwinnett County, creating jobs, and supporting small business growth.

On today’s Small Business Show, we’re joined by Dr. Antonia Williams, Owner of 32 Pearls Family Dentistry, and recent winner of the Minority-Owned/Woman-Owned Small Business Award from the Gwinnett Chamber.

Dr. Antonia Williams has been practicing general dentistry in Georgia since 2002. She has worked with a variety of demographics in rural locations, inner cities, and affluent suburban towns, thanks to her tremendous empathy and interpersonal skills. 32 Pearls is a family practice focused on patients with an emphasis on education and less invasive procedures to retain your natural smile. 

She founded Dental Friends, Inc., a nonprofit organization that serves the neighborhood and offers philanthropic gifts. She and the staff at 32 Pearls Family Dentistry are thrilled to be in Duluth and look forward to forging connections with the locals by becoming involved.

In February 2020, 32 Pearls opened for business after being acquired from a retired dentist. Soon after, activities were suspended due to the national COVID-19 pandemic. Despite 32 Pearls being shuttered for almost three months, Dr. Williams rebuilt a lean organization that increased income while improving visibility through partnerships.

Dr. Williams actively encourages other dental practitioners to join the Gwinnett Chamber in order to expand their network. Also, she advises anyone looking for an opportunity that the Chamber has provided, to do their research, be their own best advocate, and be persistent. Additionally, she advises having a team of supporters, whether they be from family or friends, and being prepared to “stick” with it.

The future of 32 Pearls is looking bright, with plans for continuous development that will see two more support staff members and an additional doctor added over the next three years.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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