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How Atlanta-Based ServeScape Leverages a Digital Marketplace to Disrupt the Landscaping Industry

On the latest episode of the Atlanta Small Business Show, anchor Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Mario Cambardella, Founder and landscape architect of ServeScape. For those who are unfamiliar with the company, ServeScape is a digital marketplace connecting independent growers with homeowners and landscaping professionals through a cost-efficient, customer-oriented supply chain. After two years of data research, the company launched in March as the pandemic began.

Cambardella begins the conversation by sharing more information about what ServeScape is. He says that the digital marketplace gives customers the assurance that the plants they are purchasing are grown locally in Georgia and are in the best condition to be installed in a home or a place of business. Cambardella says their business model helps customers buy the plants they want without being limited by how many can fit in their vehicle. Plants are delivered directly to customers by horticulturists and landscaping professionals. 

“We’re gonna pick the best of the best from local farms near you,” says Cambardella. “It’s a catered approach so that we can build beautiful and resilient landscapes together.”

Cambardella said the inspiration for the company came from his own frustrations with the industry. He wanted to buy certain plants but realized how difficult it was to find answers to the questions he had about his purchase. ServeScape offers a 21st-century approach to landscaping to get the job done quicker. 

Cambardella concludes the conversation by discussing his entrepreneurial journey. He says his urge to become an entrepreneur stemmed from a longing to change something for the better. He says that entrepreneurship is a mindset more than it is a career, and it can be used to help the world around you for the greater good.

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