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Celebrated Angel Investor Sig Mosley Discusses What Makes Atlanta a Thriving City for Startups

Angel investing can look significantly different from the work of a venture capitalist. Angel investors make moves earlier and can often put in less money than VCs. Today on the Atlanta Small Business Show, we welcomed in ‘The Godfather of Angel Investing’ Sig Mosley to help elaborate on the differentiating factors of angel investing and venture capitalism.

Mosley is currently a managing partner of Mosley Ventures. Since 1990, Mosley has invested in 120 startups across the southeast. Mosley also holds the record for the largest southeast venture deal with the $5.7 billion deal of TradeX technologies by SAP Ariba.

Many startup companies have found a great deal of success in the Atlanta market. Mosley credited the success of startups in Atlanta to a number of prestigious universities in the city and surrounding areas. Mosley listed several other reasons in which startups have succeeded in Georgia’s capital. 

“The cost of living [in Atlanta] is reasonable compared to Silicon Valley,” said Mosley. “We have a good working environment here and we have the talent.”

Mosley said he is still intrigued by technology sectors such as cybersecurity, artificial intelligence, and robotics software. The seasoned investor believes these sectors are positioned well moving forward.

Entrepreneurs looking to hook investors should be grounded in a solid pitch. Mosley believes that addressing the problem and providing a solution should come as early in the pitch as possible.

“The first two or three slides of the pitch, you need to present the problem and why you have the solution,” said Mosley. “If you do not hook the investors early on, you will lose them for the pitch.”

Mosley also revealed that angel investors are often required to create more pitches than VCs. Entrepreneurs must also understand the importance of doing their homework to know where people are putting their investments. Mosley says gathering research to find the right investors can be as simple as opening Google.

To hear more expert insight and advice from Sig Mosley, tune-in to part two of our interview later this week.

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