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We invite you to contribute by submitting your original articles for consideration. If selected, your submissions may be published on Please read our guidelines carefully and submit your article below when you are ready.

Whatever the subject matter, ASBN features a wide range of topics that affect small business operations and profitability. One of the best opportunities for writers is to come up with article ideas we wouldn’t have thought of.

Solicitations & Assignments: 
ASBN welcomes unsolicited articles from anyone who believes the piece is appropriate for our readers. (Hint: Best way to figure out what is appropriate is to read or watch what we’ve published.)

Submissions may be edited and may be published at any time. ASBN retains the right to also publish everything that appears on, our social network and on other sites that use our content.

Personal Style
Develop your voice, express your opinion, but be concrete in how you formed that opinion and distinguish the subjective from the objective. Your writing should display maturity and emphasize substance over attitude. But do personalize your writing; inject your life into your writing as appropriate. Search for a sense of place or a narrative.

Be thorough. Embed reference and credit links with the article copy. If you are unsure of any facts in the article, please call this to our attention at the beginning of the article. We can help you verify the facts or remove them from the article.

Use italics for titles of recordings, videos, books, films, and television programs.

Title and Images
Every article must include a suggested title and include at least 2 supporting images.

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Anna Del villar
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