Valuable SEO Tips for Your Business from Andrew Hardgrove, The HOTH

Andrew Hardgrove talks with ASBN at the Digital Summit in Atlanta about his company The HOTH, an SEO company that helps small business owners earn high-quality links and prove their marketing results. As an account manager at The HOTH, Andrew tells ASBN what kind of benefits companies like The HOTH can have for small businesses.

With a large in-house staff based out of Tampa, the company’s turn around rate is typically around 12 hours, and Andrew says that the amount of campaigns that The HOTH sees is almost unmatched within the industry. The company also sees itself as heavy educators, in addition to providing services. With a blog that stays up-to-date with everything going on in SEO, including Google updates, there are many people that sign up to use The HOTH’s website as a source of education and free tools. From SEO audit tools to keyword research tools the amount of free content The HOTH makes available on their blog is extremely beneficial for small businesses.

high-quality links

Andrew also discusses the best ways in which small businesses can improve their search engine rankings. He says businesses should place a bigger emphasis on content creation and getting niche specific backlinks to the website.

Andrew also provides the best process in which to earn high-quality links for your clients. With over 450 writers working at The HOTH they work to manually reach out to sites related to the client’s niche. Once a publication is found that will accept the link they will be able to secure the link, making sure everything is done through their manual outreach process. And despite the fact that businesses are sometimes looking for immediate results when it comes to their marketing, Andrew points out that no matter what company or method businesses use it generally takes approximately 4-6 weeks from the time that Google sees the backlinks to begin to see results from marketing efforts.

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