Wix, VistaPrint launch 2024 marketing report ahead of National Small Business Week

In preparation for National Small Business Week, Wix and VistaPrint teamed up to produce the 2024 Small Business Marketing Report. 

In preparation for National Small Business Week [April 28- May 4], Wix, the top SaaS website builder platform for creating, managing, and expanding a worldwide digital presence, and VistaPrint, the leading design and marketing partner for small businesses, teamed up to produce the 2024 Small Business Marketing Report

According to the platform’s research, small business owners (SBOs) are effectively balancing print and digital marketing strategies to grow their businesses and build their brands. 

For instance, 71% of SBOs report managing their marketing efforts independently, and 78% have experimented with new marketing approaches in the past year, including social media advertising, branded merchandise, email marketing, and business cards to attract new customers.

The VistaPrint and Wix Small Business Marketing Report, which surveyed 1,000 U.S.-based SBOs with fewer than 50 employees and 1,000 consumers, highlights the continued importance of physical marketing tactics like flyers, banners, and loyalty cards, especially in connecting with customers. Conversely, digital platforms are crucial, with social media being the primary way 54% of consumers discover small businesses. Particularly for Gen Z, 66% prefer finding new local businesses via social media.

Moreover, the report underscores the importance of marketing skills development, with 63% of SBOs in 2023 upskilling to enhance their marketing knowledge—only 24% express concerns about a lack of expertise. Emily Whittaker, Executive Vice President of North America and Global Marketing at VistaPrint, emphasizes, “Marketing is a small business’ X factor. It’s encouraging to see that SBOs are marketing confidently, and we hope our insights inspire more entrepreneurs to build memorable brands.”

Idan Segal, Director of Growth at Wix, notes a significant shift in small business marketing towards personalized and authentic engagement. He states, “Today’s consumers crave meaningful connections with brands and small businesses are effectively leveraging their digital presence to forge these relationships.” 

Looking forward, 78% of SBOs plan to increase their marketing investment in 2024 to seize growth opportunities, boost brand awareness, and enhance their online presence.

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