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The Key to Building Strategic Partnerships

One of the biggest mistakes many entrepreneurs make is doing everything themselves. To solve this, they must hire and train the right employees, but this is an expensive venture. The other option is to outsource and leverage strategic business partners.

Regardless of what industry your business operates in, having an ally in the form of a strategic partner can significantly benefit your company and thus facilitate success.

Gaining new customers is one of the reasons for forming partnerships. But a good partnership will also give your business access to new products, a new market, block competitors and increase customer loyalty.

The key to building successful partnerships is to make sure they are built on trust, commitment, collaboration, and communication.

Here are five reasons why strategic partnerships are important for business success and happiness:

1. Attract New Customers and Expand Market Coverage


The most popular reason for venturing into partnerships is access to new customers and markets. By forming a strategic partnership, businesses can serve larger territories without investing more infrastructure or expanding their distribution network.

For example, a coffee delivery service can partner with an office supply company to deliver office supplies on their regular route in exchange for a presence in the office supply company’s physical stores. Both companies will attract new customers and their market territories will expand without adding new stores or routes. This arrangement will offer their customers more value.

2. Overcome Business Fears

At some point, many entrepreneurs fear change and they worry about its impact on their businesses. These changes can either be market-driven, industry-specific, or regulatory.

Implementing business solutions with the help of a strategic partner can help reduce the impact of changes that might inhibit your business growth.

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3. Strategic Partnerships Offer Your Business a Competitive Edge

“Two heads are better than one”; this is also true when building strategic partnerships. Working with a partner with a win-win approach can give your business the boost it needs to beat its competitors. If you work totally on your own, you risk your company’s success becoming stagnant. And remember, a poorly thought-out partnership can impact your business negatively.

4. Broaden Your Product and Service Offerings

If you already have an existing customer base and you’d like to expand your product line, you benefit by aligning yourself with a firm that offers complementary products. 

For example, if you offer audiovisual services, you can partner with a company that provides computer services. Here each company has its own products, systems, and suppliers. But they have similar customer bases. By pooling your resources together and cross-training service and sales personnel, you can improve your product lines with minimal investment.

5. Strengthen Weaker Aspects of Your Business

It’s clear that the benefits of strategic partnerships are many and diverse. A meaningful partnership can strengthen weaker aspects of your business, enabling you to grow and expand to an extent that would have been impossible on your own. 

Remember, there’s strength in numbers and success comes when we work together. A worthwhile partnership is better than the sum of its parts, and together, you can reach new heights.

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Dr. Felicia Phillips
Dr. Felicia Phillips
Dr. Felicia Phillips is known as the Business Expert for Women, provides coaching, strategy, and confidant services to women through her private consulting agency as well as her global organization, PPICW, Inc. Felicia's annual MogulCON conference attracts hundreds of women and is the premiere business experience for female entrepreneurs and executives. Daily she inspires more than 20,000+ followers across all of her social media platforms. As a successful entrepreneur for more than 25 years, Felicia is focused on using her experience to assist entrepreneurs with manifesting their vision and become thought leaders in their industry.

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