ArticlesSynergies Work introduces 1st ever EDDIE Award for disabled entrepreneurs

Synergies Work introduces 1st ever EDDIE Award for disabled entrepreneurs

In efforts to highlight and support innovative entrepreneurs within disabled communities across the US, Aarti Sahgal, founder and CEO of Synergies Work, joins us on today’s episode of The Atlanta small business network.   

The idea behind the organization was to launch businesses for incubators and accelerators in a nation that supports businesspeople with disabilities. From ideation to exit, Synergies Work supports every entrepreneur at every stage of their business journey.  

Synergies Work assists entrepreneurs with disabilities in starting, growing, and managing sustainable small businesses with the goal of creating a world, in which, persons with disabilities are valued. Their work is to act as a catalyst for businesses and the disabled to collaborate. 

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Individuals tend to perceive those who are classified as disabled in society as “special” people. In order to prevent unavoidable isolation, Synergies Work provides customized programs and tools. By providing mentors and opportunities to be successful, the universal design benefits everyone- making it a win, win for both parties involved.

 “It’s not charity, it’s an investment to building a better world” Synergies Work exclaims. Making these investments to our future business owners, despite their classification, created the EDDIE award. The entrepreneurs dedicated to diverse and inclusive excellence (EDDIE) award recognizes disabled entrepreneurs among us who are doing great work. 

The deadline for submissions to be considered is January 2023, and the award ceremony is scheduled for April 27, 2023. Synergies Work also extends an invitation to the entire business community to take part in the celebration of the outstanding work being done. 

Overall, Synergies Work’s goal is to make these awards as big as the Oscars. The entire board is proud to build momentum around integrating these hard-working disabled and the business sector because it is important to humanity. They are proud to begin including these hard conversations around the challenges faced within the community every day. 

The unfortunate reality is that stigmatizing people as disabled is nothing new. Despite the fact that there are 1.2 billion officially recognized disabled individuals in the world, people of color are twice as likely to be included in the category and women are 25–27% more likely to identify as such. These signs were identified by Synergies Work as the Tripple Jeopardy. For this reason, the EDDIE awards are essential to uniting communities and providing value to all parties involved.

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