How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost the Organic Reach of Your...

How to Use Facebook Ads to Boost the Organic Reach of Your Small Business

Facebook Ads have become life-saving regarding social media and boosting organic reach. The more click rates your website achieves, the higher the chance the company has to achieve elevated organic views and traffic to the website.

What are Facebook Ads?

Although Facebook is used primarily as a social media website amongst friends and family, small businesses and large companies have the opportunity to use Facebook Ads to advertise directly to their target audience.

A Facebook ad is an advertising campaign primarily on Facebook. It can be as small as one post that is not monetized or includes videos, paid commercials, gifs, designs, and more. Businesses use Facebook Ads for different reasons, but it is a common way to establish a well-connected audience and increase online sales.

How Do You Create a Facebook Ad?

The first step in creating a Facebook Ad is to familiarize yourself with the ad-creating tool. It is surprisingly easy to use and has many functions. There are three distinct levels to consider: the campaign level, the ad set level, and the ad level.

At the campaign level, you select an objection or target goal to meet. Users can define the audience, schedule the posting, and determine a thorough budget during the ad set level. Afterward, you will move onto the ad level step, where you design the ads by implementing links, images, videos, and more!

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The Five Best Ways to Use Facebook Ads to Boost Organic Reach

Listed below are the five best ways to use Facebook Ads to boost organic reach on a website, app, or shopping site.

Create Catchy, Short, and Punchy Captions

Facebook is a growing company with many years of experience in marketing and growing small companies. One of the best ways to catch an audience’s attention and keep them hooked is by creating catchy, short, and punchy captions or copy for ads.

These are the words that your audience or reader will immediately see before clicking for more information. Try a brainstorming writing strategy to get your creativity flowing and create at least 4-5 catchy headings and copy related to your main objective and niche. 

Emphasize Keywords Related to your Niche

If you want your ad to reach more people, try using SEO practices by emphasizing keywords. This might take some research, but the results are well worth it. Look for keywords that Google and other search engines can scan and rate.

SEO practices not only spread your campaign and advertisements far but also capture an audience’s attention. For example, social media is primarily for bite-sized content. Long paragraphs, which are frowned upon when using SEO practices, will lose a reader, and the bounce rate for your ad and website will likely increase.

Pay for Facebook Ads and Campaigns 

There are 6 billion people in the world. Out of these 6 billion people, according to an extensive study, about 2.2 billion use Facebook. Out of these 2.2 billion Facebook users, Facebook ads reach 34.1% of the global population.

The number increases when you pay for Facebook ads. Instead of placing all your eggs into one basket using the free tool, Facebook marketers recommend paying for ads and estimate that $1.00 to 3.50 a day is suitable for small businesses.

Increase Sign-Up Rate

Another reason that many people use Facebook ads is to increase the sign-up rate for their product, service, or free website. The more people sign-up, the more emails and content they receive.

To increase the sign-up rate for your small business, try using buzzwords and creative headlines. Creating a strong Facebook ad to reach thousands, if not millions of people, takes more than one strategy. For example, ‘free,’ ‘limited edition,’ and ‘easy to use’ are conveniences that attract consumers.

Sell a Product or Service

Are you looking to sell a product or service? Using a colorful image with creative captions on Facebook can increase online sales! If you have products and services that you want to grow and sell, try taking quality pictures of the items to use as a background image for your Facebook Ad. Images speak louder than words.


Overall, Facebook is expecting a 15.5% ad growth rate. This ad growth rate can aid in helping your small company flourish and achieve new goals. Using Facebook Ads does not need to be complicated. Marketers recommend first getting accustomed to the site and the creative application before submitting your first advertisement on the meta platform.

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