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How to Build Momentum for Business Success and Happiness

Progress is what we all want in our lives to stay consistently happy. With everything you’re doing in life and in your business, you can feel overwhelmed, as if you’re not moving at all. Starting something new is hard, but remember that when there’s motion, there’s action. Motion drives action and it creates momentum. As you take action, it drives more motion. New ideas come up. Motivation arises and things that once seemed impossible become realistic.


That’s the power of momentum. It’s feeling like everything is falling into place. You feel unstoppable and everything begins to work out your way.

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Here are Four Tips on Building Momentum for Business Success and Happiness:

1. Believe

Believing is the difference between a world changer and a naysayer. People who believe they can change the world and those who remain stagnant. Let no one steal your belief because it is the fuel behind every success.

2. Get a quick win

Success is contagious. When we succeed at something, we believe we’ll keep succeeding. In your journey to do extraordinary things, don’t go for the mountain; start by conquering an anthill. This quick win will set the tone and lay a foundation for future achievements.


3. Build on results

There is a huge difference between actions and results. Many people focus on accomplishing things that don’t help them move closer to their goals. Spend your time and energy on actions that produce results; those that move you closer to your goals. Every result enables us to see a little further and believe more.

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4. Maintain a level head

The journey to achieving your goals is full of challenges, but always keep things in perspective. Don’t get too excited when things are good and don’t get too low when things are bad. If you keep moving, you’ll eventually achieve your goals.

Momentum provides an easier and more efficient form of growth. However, you need the ambition to break from using more resources to fuel it. Often the things that seem to push you forward can be the same things that are pulling you back. Momentum doesn’t happen by chance, nor is it willed into existence. To achieve momentum, you need to understand its source, and then relentlessly fuel it.

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Dr. Felicia Phillips
Dr. Felicia Phillips
Dr. Felicia Phillips is known as the Business Expert for Women, provides coaching, strategy, and confidant services to women through her private consulting agency as well as her global organization, PPICW, Inc. Felicia's annual MogulCON conference attracts hundreds of women and is the premiere business experience for female entrepreneurs and executives. Daily she inspires more than 20,000+ followers across all of her social media platforms. As a successful entrepreneur for more than 25 years, Felicia is focused on using her experience to assist entrepreneurs with manifesting their vision and become thought leaders in their industry.

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