ArticlesYou can now add social media links to your Google Business Profile

You can now add social media links to your Google Business Profile

Google has now made it possible for businesses to directly include social media profile links in their Google Business Profile. With this new feature, companies can now include a social media presence alongside other business information in Google Search and Maps. 

Businesses can give customers more options to connect, get informed, and find solutions by making their social media links available on their Google Business Profile. This feature is being introduced gradually and is already available in some areas.

Each social media site allows businesses to add one link to their Business Profile. Platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, TikTok, X (formerly Twitter), and YouTube are among those that are supported.

How to use:

A business can add one link per social media site. For example, you can add one Facebook and one YouTube link to your Business Profile. The process is quite simple, all it takes is a few clicks.

  1. To access the business profile, click ‘Business Profile and click “Edit Profile.”
  2. Then navigate to “Business information” and click “contact.”  
  3. Go to “Social profiles” options and choose the social platform you want to link.
  4. Now, add the web address for your chosen platform.
  5. Hit “Save,” and just like that, you’re done. 

The editing or removal of the social links has a similar process:

  1. To edit a link, organizations must update the web address field for the designated social link. 
  2. To remove a link, click “Trash” next to the social media profile that needs to be deleted. 

Nowadays, customers anticipate seeing social media and website links alongside local search results. Local business owners now have another opportunity to maximize their presence across Google’s ecosystem thanks to the ability to post these links. Small and medium-sized companies may directly compete with chains by offering a seamless customer experience. Businesses can add the same social media link to numerous Business Profiles. Still, they cannot add different links from the same platform to a single profile. On Search or Maps, you can control this feature for each business or use the API to handle several locations simultaneously.

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Jaelyn Campbell
Jaelyn Campbell
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