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Comcast RISE Program Offers $1 M in Grants to Empower Women and Minority-Owned Businesses

Comcast RISE stands tall and proud upon four cornerstones: Empowerment, Strength, Investment, and Representation. In nature, the RISE program is a multi-year commitment, established with the sole mission of boosting businesses owned by women, minorities, or people of color.  

Perhaps the lack of development years ago among these groups slowed their progress. A lack of funds kept them from achieving the heights of success they could have by now. With the already existing problems, the pandemic only exacerbated their business obstacles.  

But the RISE Program rises to the challenge and aims to provide grants to technology, media, creative and marketing services owned by these groups.  

womenComcast RISE – What it is all about? 

Comcast RISE is a grant-providing program that commits to supporting small-scale businesses under the ownership of less empowered communities. These include women, Asian-American, Hispanic communities, and Indigenous and Black people. 

The pandemic took its toll on businesses of every scope and people of all walks of life. But it wouldn’t be wrong to say that minorities and women entrepreneurs were the most devastated by its effects. The economic impact will not settle anytime soon unless larger organizations try to uplift small-scale business owners.  

With this thought in mind, Comcast has given birth to the RISE program, which will provide a grant of $1 million. We hope to help every devastated small-scale business rebuild and thrive with this movement. 

An action-packed vision 

As part of the business community, we are all aware of the multiple challenges that small businesses have been up against ever since the pandemic broke out. Everything has gone haywire, from environmental events wreaking havoc to social unrest catapulting business operations.  

We see the struggles, and we know the frustrations. This is why Comcast decided it was high time for action. The organization has worked proactively to put together a plan that would facilitate the small businesses by providing them grants of up to $1 million. 

By now, more than $91 million has gone out in the form of grants from Comcast RISE to small businesses. This amount has helped more than 9,500 technology and marketing services owned by women and minorities to pick up the pace.  

In 2021 on November 23, Comcast RISE took a huge step forward. It announced that the program RISE was expanding to provide monetary support to all women-owned businesses worldwide. To date, very few such programs have assisted small businesses at such magnitudes and a wide scale. 

Women-owned businesses from all parts of the world are eligible for these grants. This is testimony to Comcast’s relentless efforts to boost digital equity. Moreover, this incredible step has given much-desired access to under-represented small-scale businesses to various digital tools. 

The generous funding is the last ray of hope that many small businesses were hoping for to keep their heads above water and make their businesses thrive. Comcast RISE’s mission is to deliver a meaningful, sustainable impact that no business will ever fail to make headway under its robust support. 

With Comcast empowering women-owned businesses, the time will soon come when women entrepreneurs will shape the communities in the most impactful way.  

Comcast RISE – What the news reporters have to say 

According to reporter Leon Stafford, by last year, people had become well aware of the devastating impacts of the pandemic on the global business community.  

It was evident by August last year that small businesses owned by women and minorities were in the most trouble, with fewer chances of survival. A wide-scope funding program was the only way to bail them out of trouble.  

In addition to that objective, it was also the only to ensure the business community would not be deprived of the valuable and innovative services small businesses bring. Industries and individuals worldwide have hugely benefitted from the advanced business solutions, products, and services that women-owned and minority-owned businesses have provided. 

To ensure their prosperity, there was a dire need to provide grants to help businesses overcome their loss and continue progressing. It was in November of 2021 when Comcast took the first step forward in ensuring that.  

The internet provider announced its relief program to facilitate small businesses in Atlanta and around the world with $1 million. The funding comes from the investment fund of Comcast RISE, which came into existence in 2020.  

The sole purpose of this fund was to help people of color recover from the economic destructions of COVID-19. The passage of time only strengthened the cable giant’s resolve, and to date, Comcast RISE has given out more than $74 million in in-support and $16 million in grants.  

Minority and women-led entrepreneurship has primarily boosted the technology and marketing sectors in the world by now. The senior Vice President of Comcast, Jason Gumbs, explains that his organization recognizes how vital its support is for struggling small-scale businesses presently. Their continued funding will allow many women and minority-owned businesses to strive in the current marketplace. 

Benefits of the Comcast RISE program  

Select businesses which prove their eligibility to receive support from the Comcast RISE program can enjoy one or more benefits mentioned below: 

Monetary grant  

Comcast RISE announced in 2021 that it would be giving out $11 million in grants to approximately 1100 businesses. However, back then, these businesses would only be selected from specific metropolitan areas, receiving around $10,000. This would help the business to sponsor its sustainability and growth.  

By 2022, the grants have increased, and Comcast has expanded its horizon; women-owned businesses worldwide can apply for assistance under the RISE program.  

Technology makeover

The program supplies internet, computer equipment, cybersecurity, and voice services to small businesses for twelve months. However, businesses must note that other fees and taxes may still apply if they request tech makeover services.  

Creative production

A 90-day placement schedule for media, consultation for media strategy, and a 30-second TV commercial for turnkey production.  


Access to 90 days of linear TV media schedule. 


Free marketing and advertising consultations with creative, research, and effective marketing teams. Businesses would gain valuable insights on growth and solutions.  

How to apply – Time to RISE 

Women-owned and minority-led businesses that aim to rise in 2022 can apply now to seek support, as numerous other business owners have. This year’s application deadline for small businesses is October 14, 2022.  

Businesses that belong to women, people of color, or minority groups can gain robust support to further their technology, media, creative, and marketing operations. The eligibility criteria for the RISE program are as follows: 

Eligibility criteria  

Businesses that meet the following requirements are eligible to apply for this program: 

  • Business must be located within the service area footprint of Comcast Business
  • Must be a business with at least a year’s operational experience
  • Must have a registration for conducting business in the USA
  • Must be independently operated and owned. Franchise locations are not eligible for support.
  • A business owner must at least have 51% ownership and operational rights. They must also identify as a person of color or minority, including Asian-American, Hispanic, Indigenous, or Black owners, or must be a woman.  

Applicants must fill out an application form on Comcast’s official website. 


Comcast RISE announced its 7th round of awards on July 26, 2022. The round of awardees included more than thirteen hundred small-scale businesses, which received the following: 

  • Effective services for creative production
  • Media makeover
  • Consulting
  • Comcast Business’ tech makeover
  • Comcast Cable’s advertising division of sales

Additionally, the 7th round of the program also sent monetary grants to 500 businesses of $10,000 each. So far, more than 9,500 recipients have benefitted from the program across 704 cities in 37 states.  

Its diverse roster includes a range of services. From barber shops to bakeries to restaurants, as well as childcare centers, professional services, or retail shops. Some of the recipients from Georgia alone are as follows: 

  • 4 Every Occasion Cakes and Cupcakes 
  • 2 Foreign Multi-Network Resources  
  • 54 Logistics LLC 
  • 5 Star Serenity LLC 
  • 4Syt Industries  
  • 6th Position Dance Company, LLC 
  • A Squared Offices  
  • A Private Nurse Touch  
  • A Pound for pound Apoundcakery  
  • A Step Above Learning Center  

Final thoughts  

RISE Program is sponsored by Comcast, a cable giant based in Philadelphia. The internet service providers deeply felt the anguish of the small-scale businesses owned by people of color, including Hispanics, Indigenous and Black people, and women.  

To help these business owners recover from the economic devastations of COVID-19, Comcast established a support program called RISE. Within the past two years, businesses from various areas belonging to the technological, media, marketing, and creative sectors have experienced incredible recovery and growth.

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Brandi Marcene
Brandi Marcene
Brandi Marcene is a contributing writer and investigative journalist for ASBN. Over the years, her writing has been published by several Fortune 500 companies, including Dell, Haute, Audemars Piguet, and Harry Winston.

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