5 Compelling Reasons To Claim Your Google My Business Page

5 Compelling Reasons To Claim Your Google My Business Page

For local businesses, Google maps and local information search is your biggest asset. If you haven’t claimed your Google My Business page, you could be missing out. Here are five big reasons to complete and keep up with your profile.

1. You’ll rank higher in Google Maps

An updated Google My Business page gets you better rankings in search and Google Maps. While this, of course, is not the only ranking factor, it definitely gives you an edge. This is especially true if your competitors are ignoring it!

A completed profile helps Google to more accurately match you with searchers. Focus on telling google who you are, what you do, and where people can find you, and they’ll do the rest.

2. It gives you a chance to sell yourself

Google My Business allows you to upload videos and images about your business. This is an important feature, and you should take advantage of it whenever you can.

Hesitant consumers are more likely to interact with a completed profile. Would you be more likely to visit a restaurant with tons of beautiful pictures or a blank listing?

Likewise, a video tour of your shop that shows off your product line makes your store more appealing. Consumers can immediately see if you have what they need and know that they should pay you a visit.

However, even if you own a service-related business, you can still utilize this feature. For example, try making a video that introduces your business and yourself to new customers. Adding a bit of personality makes you more likable, and people want to do business with people they like.

3. Collect and respond to reviews

Reviews are important social proof for your business. Having good reviews is a great way to grow. Though you also need to be prepared for bad reviews and how to handle them.

Whether you choose to claim your profile or not, people can still leave reviews. The only difference is that by claiming your profile, you have a chance to respond. This means either defending yourself against fraudulent customers or doing damage control if you really did mess up.

The good news is most people are reasonable. Just seeing that you responded and tried to help an unhappy client gives you points. You can also consider mixed reviews an opportunity to improve your business and earn trust from the community.

4. Let customers know about important changes

Many businesses found themselves with reduced hours or temporary closures when COVID-19 hit. With an updated My Business Profile, it’s easy to let people know about those changes.

You can also use this feature if you have a temporary emergency and need to close for the day. Saving regulars from a wasted drive is always a plus. However, it also saves you from negative reviews when people arrive to find you closed when they thought the store would be open.

5. You can respond to consumer questions

Did you know potential customers can ask questions on your page? If you’re quick to answer, you could score a new regular client. Google is also more likely to recommend a frequently updated Google My Business Page.

Customers will often use this section to ask questions you may have forgotten about in your FAQ.  For example, they might ask for details about the parking situation for an event, whether pets are allowed, or if you have gluten-free food options.

Use these queries to help improve your website, services, or products. Update your FAQ with questions that get asked the most. You may even find useful suggestions from customers on services or products you could use to expand your business.

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