3 Crucial Ways Blog Writing Positively Benefits Your Small Business

3 Crucial Ways Blog Writing Positively Benefits Your Small Business

No, blogging is not dead. If you don’t have a blog on your business website, you are sending your current and potential customers to your competitors. 

That’s right- read that again.  

If you don’t have a blog on your business website, you are sending your current and potential customers to your competitors. A blog is a powerful source of inbound marketing for your business. Below are three benefits your company will experience by producing online content:  

1. A Blog Increases Your Visibility and Leads

Online content allows you to be seen by Google, and the more well-written and helpful content you have, the chances that Google will serve you up to someone searching is higher.   

Blogging, without a doubt, will increase visits to your site. Writing a blog post about each of your products and services improves your business’s likelihood of appearing in someone’s online search results. This, in turn, boosts your traffic, which can also result in growing sales leads. Online content helps keep your visitors on your site longer, which raises the chance of them becoming a customer. By linking to other articles within your blog (internal linking), you can keep them on your site even longer.  

2. Establishes You as an Authority

If a customer has made it to your site, why send them away? Why not show them you are an authority in that subject? 

They will look to you to answer questions they may have, and that’s where your blog comes in. It can answer common questions and also direct them to your products and services. They won’t have to look elsewhere for information because you have shown them you are knowledgeable and ready to help them in their search for answers.  For example, someone is searching for a dental office in your city, finds your site, and clicks to visit. Once they are there, they look for information about root canals but fail to find the information on your website. 

What do you think will happen?  

That’s right; they will leave your site and find another dental website to provide answers to their questions.  

You just lost a potential customer.  

3. Allows You to Connect with Your Customers

In each of your blog posts, you can include a call to action so that you can connect with them. Perhaps it’s to set an appointment or to learn more about a product so that your sales team can work their magic and match their needs with your products and services. 

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Consumers today put value in companies that do more than just provide a product. They also want to see how that company is serving their community or contributing towards a good cause. You can use your blog to communicate this to your readers. You can also discuss any current events or happenings that your company is involved in, such as fundraisers or promotions. Don’t dismiss the impact a blog can have on your business. Blogging, undoubtedly, is an essential tool in your marketing strategy. Think of it as a magnet to attract and keep visitors on your site, allowing visitors to get to know you and what you offer.

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