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Why health and wellness are key factors that drive entrepreneurial success

The importance of establishing and maintaining good habits related to health and wellness is a key driver to success for many entrepreneurs. In today’s episode of The Playbook with Mark Collier, Denise Leslie, founder and CEO of Medical and Sports Massage, discusses why health and wellness are vital in driving success. 

Once Leslie found herself more established in life, she began to reevaluate her purpose. She came to see that she had a bigger purpose through her natural ability of touch. She attended the Atlanta School of Massage as a result, and she is currently the Director of Wellness for the Sandy Springs Perimeter Chamber.

Her new mission is to bring mindfulness back to corporate America. People have prioritized their health and well-being across the globe because “it’s essential.” Because Leslie is seeing more meaningful relationships being created, she intends to look into creating more memorable experiences and be in a state of optimal health of mind, body, and soul. 

Leslie’s wellness programs are established to help with employee retention. “Employees need to feel valued, and employers know stress-free employees bring well-rounded value to their company,” she expresses. “Our authentic programs also help to bridge the gap between one’s workflow and the seven pillars of wellness.”

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Wellness programs for employees’ health that focus on their physical, emotional, social, intellectual, environmental, and occupational needs are meant to inspire them to choose activities that nourish both their bodies and souls. Finding your mission to bring to the corporate table and start working better results from moving into a state of spiritual wholeness and balance.

Leslie points out that her wellness programs ultimately provide yoga, meditation, and massages to underinsured, non-insured, financially disadvantaged, and cancer customers in person, digitally, and through community events. They are also doing a study that will look at the overall impact of manual lymphatic drainage as a neurolytic approach to treating and reducing anxiety in people aged 12 to 24.

In the spring, Leslie will provide events in the community, like yoga under the stars and sunrise yoga every mindful Wednesday. She also advocates for businesses to implement mindful events like yoga on-site, a mid-day activity to keep staff members energized after lunch, wind-down yoga, which shifts the focus from work to more family-oriented activities, and mindful meditation, which gives you a chance to calm down and refocus your breathing after experiencing any anxious or stressful moments.

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