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How Storytelling Can Lay the Foundation for a Successful Brand – Joseph Michelli, Customer Experience Expert

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, customer experience expert and best-selling author, Joseph Michelli discusses how storytelling can effectively engage your customer, and lay the foundation for a successful brand.


So, in business today, storytelling is everything. When you talk about what makes success in a brand, it’s really a few things, it’s creating value, it’s marketing that value, it’s delivering that value. It’s making sure that you make enough money to keep yourself in business. And one of the ways that you can continually engage your relationship through all of that journey with the customer is the way you tell stories.

So, I just want to give you a quick tip on how you tell stories. Essentially find a character, find somebody who’s working with you, your customers, the people who serve your customers. Go from the first person, let them speak themselves about what happened in the experience. Add a beginning, middle, and end to that story. And make sure you’re pulling for an emotion, and you know what emotion you’re pulling for. A lot of content’s out there, you have to cut through the clutter.

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