Advice From the ProsRemember to Say 'Thank You' - Shep Hyken, Customer Experience Expert

Remember to Say ‘Thank You’ – Shep Hyken, Customer Experience Expert

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, Shep Hyken discusses the importance of always saying ‘thank you’ to the customer, whether it’s in-person or on a hand-written note.


Hi Shep Hyken here, Customer Service and Experience Expert, here with a tip on how you can deliver a better customer service immediately.

I just want to talk about a real simple concept. Saying thank you. It drives me crazy when I’m doing business with somebody and they forget to say thank you. Be aware that customers want to feel appreciated. You can say thank you to them in person. You could pick up the phone. How about the traditional hand-written note? Remember how powerful that made you … you felt and how great you felt when somebody sent you that nice note.

And here’s another one. There’s programs out there, like BombBomb Video. That’s two words, bomb bomb, put together, .com. What you can do is leave a video thank you. You can shoot a video message to your customers.

Think about the power of the thank you. Don’t ever forget to show appreciation to their customers. While you’re at it, think about showing appreciation to some of the people who work with you as well. Send them a note. Send them a video. Send them a text message and let them know how much you love the job that they’re doing for you and their customers.

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