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People Want to Work With You, Not Just for You – Randy Ross, Founder & CEO of Remarkable!

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, Dr. Randy Ross, best-selling author, and Founder and CEO of Remarkable! discusses the importance of creating value for your employees.


This is Dr. Randy Ross with Remarkable and just want to give you a few things to ponder.

Remember, people want to work with you and not just for you. So as a leader, you need to know that people are asking three questions when they decide whether or not they’re going to follow you. The first is can I trust this person? Will they do what’s right, even under pressure or will they default and crack and throw someone under the bus? People want to know that you can be trusted. The second question they ask is, is this person dependable? Will they follow through on the commitments and do they have the confidence to carry through to make things happen? And the third question, probably the most important is this, does this person have my best interest at heart? And this is where we have to see ourselves as value creators for other people as leaders because we’re not just trying to extract value from them. We want to bring value to them.

Oftentimes I’ll ask a leader, what is it that you expect from your people? And they’re very quick to rattle off those things they expect. But when I stop and ask the question now, what do you want for your people? Sometimes leaders have a hard time answering that question. So I want you to ponder that. What is it that you want for your people? The more in tune you are to that, the better off you’ll be able to lead them.

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