Advice From the ProsManage the Moment - Shep Hyken

Manage the Moment – Shep Hyken

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, Shep Hyken discusses how to successfully manage the moment of truth during every customer interaction.


Hi, Shep Hyken here. customer service and experience expert with a tip that you can use to deliver a better customer experience immediately, and this is a real simple one. Manage the moment. And years ago a gentleman named Jan Carlzon, former President of Scandinavian Airlines, was asked to take over the airline when it was not doing well. And he said, “If everybody would just manage the moment of truth.” And the moment of truth, according to him was anytime a customer comes into contact with any aspect of the business, they form an impression. And he added, “It should be a good one.” So if you manage the moment, every interaction you have with the customer to make it positive, well, then you’ll be successful. And he was. He turned that airline around.

Now, those moments can go one of three ways. In my mind, he said they could go two ways, but in my mind, three ways. You’ve got a moment of misery that’s bad. That’s a complaint, it’s a problem, a bad experience. You got a moment of mediocrity that’s average and satisfactory, and average and satisfactory is not going to get you more business, or you have what I call the moment of magic. Anything better than average. So every interaction that you have with that customer, think about that moment. And by the way, if you’re not dealing directly with the customer at your company, you’re supporting somebody that is, so manage those moments internally as well. Manage those moments of truth. Create moments of magic, and that means you’re creating an amazing customer.

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