Advice From the ProsThe Importance of Doing a Trust Audit - Jeanne Bliss, CEO of...

The Importance of Doing a Trust Audit – Jeanne Bliss, CEO of Customer Bliss

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, Jeanne Bliss, best-selling author, and CEO of Customer Bliss discusses why it is crucial for a business, big or small, to examine their practices and operations through the eyes of their customers.


My name is Jeanne Bliss, I run a company called Customer Bliss and my latest book is called Would You Do That To Your Mother? My one minute or a piece of advice is, to do a trust audit. We give our trust to companies when we become customers, but customers sometimes feel that companies don’t give their trust back to them.

So, review everything you do to see through the eyes of your customer. Your paperwork, your fine print, your policies. Are you doing anything that says to customers, “We’re doing this to protect us from you.” Involve your people, identify those things, and get rid of them. It’ll make your employees feel better, and it’ll definitely connect you in a more deliberate and graceful way with your customers.

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