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Get it Right so You Don’t Have to Make it Right – Scott McKain

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, best-selling author and business consultant, Scott McKain discusses how to consistently get it right for every single customer.


One of the fundamental challenges in small business today is that we think it’s great to make it right when we make a mistake. There’s one critical problem with that approach. Customers don’t want you to make it right. Customers want you to get it right.

Getting it right is absolutely critical for small business today. Not only because it’s what customers want, but because of the increased nature of competition. Online, locally, whatever it might be, competition is getting tougher, not easier, that’s why you got to get it right.

Here’s three words I’d like for you to use. And then what? In other words, I’d like for you to think about a customer walks in your store or a customer calls you. Think of the situations that customers do business with you and then say, and then what?

A customer walks in our store, and then what? Who greets them? What do they say? How long do we give them to look around before we approach them? How actively do we help them through the buying process? The customer says they’re just looking, and then what? What’s our response? The customer’s departing our store, and then what?

Be very, very analytical about the specifics that you’re going to take. That’s how you get it right so you don’t have to make it right.

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