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How to Choose the Right Industry to Open a Franchise In – Leslie Kuban, Owner of FranNet Atlanta

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, Leslie Kuban, owner of FranNet Atlanta, and host of ASBN’s Atlanta Franchise Today, the various industries you can open a franchise in.


I’m Leslie Kuban with FranNet. If you’re thinking about looking at franchise opportunities, realize there’s a big world of options out there beside fast food and restaurants. In fact, there are many successful brands in industries such as fitness, senior services, education for kids, business to business and health, wellness and beauty.

I encourage you to consider a variety of different businesses in different industries. That’ll really help you figure out what the best choice for you is, that makes the most sense for your needs, your goals and your talents. In fact, 75% of people who choose a franchise business are choosing a brand that is outside of anything that they have any experience or education in and the franchise is aiding them to be successful to learn a new business, to get up and running quickly and profitable in a new career and business chapter. That’s my advice today.

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