The Atlanta Small Business Show – Is an App a Good Idea for your Small Business?, 40 Topics for your Business Blog, and How Video Marketing Improves Engagement

On today’s episode of The Atlanta Small Business Show:

mobile appIs an App a Good Idea for your Small Business?

There’s an app for that. We’ve heard that phrase before, but you’re a small business. Do people need an app for what you do? Well, considering the vast majority of people today are increasingly connected to the world of digital information via either smartphones or mobile devices…I would say yes. More than 90% of people own a cellphone of some kind; 77% of those own a smartphone. Today, mobile apps are the leading form of digital interaction. And here’s the best part for your small business: consumers use their mobile applications for shopping, searching, interacting, and purchasing. Read the full story here, Should Your Small Business Have a Mobile App?

business blog

40 Topics and Ideas to Write About on your Business Blog

As a small business, you thought it would be a great idea to start a blog. You realized that blogs could be an awesome way to provide some credibility in your area of expertise. They can also provide interesting, valuable, relevant insight to your readers and customers. Of course, with that, who knows…They might keep coming back to read your blog and make a future purchase. However, maybe there’s a point where you have hit a wall, as far as pumping out fresh content. That’s okay. The Balance Blog provides a list of 40 blog post ideas to help get you past your writer’s block. Read more.

Video marketingHow Video Marketing Improves Engagement with your Customers

Everyone has access to a video camera, even if it is just your cell phone. Video marketing not only benefits big business, but it is a great strategy for small business, but how exactly does it improve engagement with customers? Cory Mosley, Founder of The Fearless Entrepreneurship Society answers this question and tells us how to use video to empower the opportunities to do more business. Watch the full interview here.

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