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Five Reasons Outsourcing Should be on the Mind of Every Business Owner Right Now

Thirty-percent of companies in the United States are outsourcing their positions. While India remains one of the most popular places to outsource, the United States is actually the third largest supplier of freelancers and online workers. So, as a business owner, you don’t have to go too far to outsource company positions. 

Additionally, the pandemic has caused companies to operate on tighter budgets. This practice could help business owners save on operation and hiring costs, two large expenditures. 

If you are wondering whether outsourcing is worth investing in, take a look at why you may want to give this a chance. 

Save on Hiring Costs 

Most businesses will likely experience lower sales due to the impact of COVID-19 on the economy. Therefore, it is crucial for you to think of ways to save money. Fifty-nine percent of companies use outsourcing to cut costs. When you outsource your work to a freelancer or contract worker, you are only paying for the work itself. Accordingly, expenses that come from things like onboarding, supplies, and benefits are not an issue. Even if you decide to hire talent only in the United States, you would still save on traditional hiring costs. This is money that is back in your pocket to go towards logistics or marketing. 

in-house vs outsourcingHave Your Team Focus on Core Tasks

Now, more than ever, companies are going to have to differentiate themselves from one another and specialize in what they are good at. One way to make this happen is to ensure your staff is handling specialized tasks you hired them to do. When you outsource jobs that you can quickly teach someone else to do, then it frees your team up to manage projects suited for them. This also frees you up to be the face of your company and increase your brand’s visibility. 

Receive Help from a Specialist, Regardless of Zip Code

Whether you hire someone from Philadelphia or the Philippines, you can access talented professionals worldwide. Platforms like Upwork, Guru, PeoplePerHour, and task-specific job boards, make it easy to find individuals who would be a good fit for your projects. Years ago, the only way you could work with a talented specialist was by hiring them full-time or working with a consultant. Today, it’s as easy as making an account on a freelancer or outsourcing platform. Finding talent online is also a great option if you are in an area that has been hard hit by COVID-19, and you don’t have many hiring choices in your local area. 

Get Back on Your Feet or Manage the Rush 

If COVID-19 has significantly impacted your business, it can be challenging to rebuild. You may have had to lay off employees, or temporarily close operations. Outsourcing gives you the chance to start again. Instead of hiring a full-time accountant, you can hire someone only for the time you can afford. On the other hand, you may be in a situation where your business has increased, and you temporarily need some extra hands. Outsourcing your day-to-day tasks gives you the chance to expand your team for as long as you need. 

Increase Efficiency

Today, you have a lot more processes to manage than even a few months ago. If you are running a brick and mortar store, you’ve likely put in new safety protocols. If you manage a remote team, you have probably had to add new processes to allow for this. These new situations require more time and effort for you and your team. Outsourcing tasks like social media management, bookkeeping, data entry, keyword research, and other smaller projects can give you some of your time back. It also ensures that you can still service your customers efficiently.  

Outsourcing Can Help You Navigate A Business Landscape Impacted by COVID-19

For many, outsourcing has become a permanent staple at their company. For you, it may only be a one-to-two-month arrangement. Whatever you choose, outsourcing gives you options. It enables you to run your business still and service your customers without breaking the bank. Even if you don’t take on outsourcing now, it’s helpful to know that you can affordably hire talented professionals whenever you need to. 

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Chanell Turner
Chanell Turner
Chanell Turner is a contributing writer and investigative journalist for ASBN.

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