Scouring YouTube and Google for entrepreneurial tips is a great way to get a general idea of what you need to do to become a successful business owner. You have the opportunity to gain many perspectives on one issue, and you are likely left with practical and actionable advice to get started. However, it doesn’t hurt to take a look at heading back to the classroom for some detailed and personalized information.

An entrepreneurship certificate (or longer-term course offering) can propel you forward in terms of knowing the next course of action to take. Not only do these certificate programs and workshops offer proof of completion (which can help if you want to work for an innovative company or startup), they pack a good five to six courses that address the fundamentals of business ownership in a shorter amount of time. They allow you to network with professors and other students who are trying to do the same thing you are. Whether you are a professional who wants to continue their education, or a current student wondering how to incorporate entrepreneurship into your coursework, below are business start-up course offerings in Atlanta.

Read on for four certificate programs that can help you start your next entrepreneurial endeavor.

Emory Entrepreneurship Continuing Education Program

Emory Continuing Education offers a wide range of education options. The school does have a specialized focus on entrepreneurship and offers courses that address the fundamentals of starting a business. Current course offerings include: E-Commerce Fundamentals, Managing Your Time and Productivity, Social Media for Business, and Win-Win Negotiations. In the past, the school has also offered Entrepreneurial Finance and Leadership as courses in this category. Prices for individual classes range from $375.00 to $695.00.

Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business Entrepreneurship Certificate

Unlike Emory’s Continuing Education program, Georgia Tech’s entrepreneur certificate program does require that participants are students enrolled at the college. The program is open to business and non-business majors alike, and it combines topics from a variety of functional business areas to create an offering that gives a full picture of entrepreneurship. Courses address accounting tactics, management principles, marketing management, emerging technologies, innovation, and many other topics related to entrepreneurship. There is no information on cost specifics for this particular program, but it is likely pricier as it is for current students. Click here for general information on Georgia Tech undergraduate tuition.

Tarkenton Certificate in Entrepreneurship from the University of Georgia

This program is a partnership between the University of Georgia and the Tarkenton Institute. The course offerings are a part of the executive education program at UGA and is likely best suited for professionals who are working while in the process of starting a business. Students are provided with six modules that include over 100 hours of video lectures and hands-on assignments. Principles of Entrepreneurship, Planning Your Venture, Finding Your Venture, Customer Acquisition, Financial and Legal, and Operations are the topics that make up the six modules. Students can complete the courses at their own pace, and purchase complete access to the program for $850.

UGA Entrepreneurship Certificate Program

Much like the Georgia Tech program above, UGA also offers an entrepreneurship certificate program for current undergraduate students. Students from any major can participate in the program. It incorporates 15 hours of coursework and is typically known to take students two years to complete. Participants are required to sit in on Introduction to Entrepreneurship, Entrepreneurial Finance, Managing the Entrepreneurial Venture, and three elective courses of their choosing. If you are planning to start school in the fall, know you want to pursue another major but are interested in entrepreneurship, this and Georgia Tech program are excellent options to look into. Click here for information on undergraduate tuition at UGA. 

Final Thoughts

It never hurts to put yourself in a situation where you can meet instructors, professors, and fellow students who have experience in starting a business. Certificate programs and university workshops allow you to receive a condensed amount of information while working on other coursework or working a full-time job. So, whether you are just coming out of high school and wondering about how to jump into entrepreneurship while going to college or are a working professional wanting to expand your knowledge, take a look at these university programs. Going back to school may be the perfect answer to getting that business off the ground.