How Readiness Can Benefit Your Business – Skip Prichard, Author of The Book of Mistakes

On this segment of Advice From the Pros, Skip Prichard, Author of The Book of Mistakes, discusses the concept of readiness and how it can benefit your business.


One of the things that entrepreneurs and organizations really need to master is this concept of readiness. I find so often, whether you’re launching a product, a new service, a new business, we often are so busy to act that we don’t get ready. In my book, I say this, I say readiness is when your desire is greater than your distraction. So often we launch and we think we’re ready and yet we’re not. And the key is to look at both sides of that equation.

Readiness, readiness to launch your product, readiness to launch a business or do something new is when your desire is greater than your distracting. So look at both sides of that equation. Increase your desire. Think very specifically about what it will do if you achieve that goal and what are the distractions, what are the things that can pull you away from that goal and how are we going to anticipate them and limit them.

Readiness is when your desire greater than your distraction. If you think about that before you just launch, before you just go, it will make a measurable difference to you because you’ll anticipate there’s distractions and you’ll have your why secure in your mind and heart before you launch.

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